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“If you are passionate, let your passion drive you.”

The quote definitely holds true in my life. I once started my carrier as a software engineer and today my passion drives me as a blogger.

My Story

My name is Javed Hasan. 

My friends know me as Javvi. 

Back in school, I was a bright student and always had a passion for creatives. I actively took part in writing, drawing, and graphic design competitions and won many prizes.

I wanted to pursue a career in animation and graphic design. However, my school grades forced my career in another direction. Having scored 82% marks in Secondary and 85% marks in Senior Secondary, my parents held high expectations and they wanted me to have a career in engineering.

I cracked the engineering entrance exam at AMU and enrolled in BCA and completed my MCA from the same university. During my college, because of studies pressure, I could never focus on my creatives and they got left far behind.

Immediately after my PG degree, in 2002 I started my career as a software engineer with HCL. I had a flourishing career in the IT industry and worked with several reputed companies like Wipro, TCS, Accenture, Hewitt, AON, Alight, etc.

Then came Feb 2018 when thing changed in my life. My parents had a terrible accident, and I got forced to take a break from my career. Since I was the only son in the family, it was decided that I wasn’t going back to New Delhi for work and will stay back in my hometown to take care of my parent. Finances were not a problem, as my doctor’s wife could easily support the family finances.

Here came the opportunity to get back into my passionate world of creatives. In June 2018, I started freelance content writing and commenced a decent income. Finally, in early 2019, I started this blog.

I have little to say about my blogging achievement as I have just started. The initial stats for my blog are promising and hope in years to come I will add more to my story as a blogger.

So now you can see that I fell into blogging accidentally, but I am enjoying it as writing was always my passion.

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