15 Easy Online Jobs Anyone Can Do From Home, For Free!

It’s an obvious fact that not everyone who looks for work from home possibilities is seeking long-term career prospects. Sometimes you want to earn some quick cash by doing some easy online jobs.

If that’s your intent, the article may be of consequence to you. In this post, I list some simplest online jobs that anyone can do from home for free.

To expedite your job search, I have also linked the best companies under each job category to apply for relevant positions.

After taking abundant time to study each of these companies, I can assuredly state they are legit and trustworthy.

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Easy Online Jobs Anyone Can Do From Home, For Free

Here’s the list of easy online jobs that anyone can do from home for free. With some of these opportunities, you can start earning on the same day that you apply for them.

A few of these are completely online, while others may need a little of your time outside the house. However, all of them will require very little commitment and can typically fit into your current schedule.

Note, most of these easy online jobs pay little, and you may, therefore, need to take more than one possibility to achieve a coveted income.

1- Take Microtasks And Data Entry Jobs

Microtasks and data entry jobs are extremely suited for people who yearn to make some easy money from home. The work includes a variety of tasks you can perform in a matter of a few ticks.

The type of assignments may vary and require some elementary skills. However, the consistent factor is that all the tasks are easy to complete.

Typical work includes basic transcription, proofreading, testing games, writing reviews, testing apps, sorting email, content moderation, internet searches, image annotation, data categorization, comparison, collection, and more.

Some companies that hire micro-workers are:

2- Work As A Remote Customer Service Agent

If you have excellent communication skills and essential typing speed, then remote customer service jobs are one of the most lucrative and easy online jobs you can do from home.

As a customer service rep, your job is to handle customer queries and ensure they are well served at any time of the day or night.

Some of these jobs may require acquaintance of a specific area. But don’t worry, most companies will provide paid training for that purpose.

For those who don’t mind taking calls, working as an on-phone customer service agent or virtual receptionist is most suitable. People who prefer non-phone jobs can work as online chat agents.

Some reputed companies that hire for these positions are:

3- Become A Virtual Assistant

If you can handle simple administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, booking travel arrangements, managing email or social media, taking notes, gathering data, or acting as a personal assistant, then you can work as a Virtual Assistant.

VAs are in great demand, as businesses prefer to hire them over the on-site employees. Depending on the company’s needs, hiring someone to help remotely offers more flexibility and less fixed costs.

So, there are plenty of virtual assistant opportunities available in the market.

The following companies hire Virtual Assistants frequently:

4- Work Online For Greeting Card Companies

If you have artistic talent, then working for greeting card companies is a surpassing way to indulge your aesthetic appetite and make money online.

You may be either great at writing poems, sentimental phrases, and catchy taglines you can submit your work to greeting card companies and get paid.

Besides, if you love to draw artwork, the greeting card companies are ready to pay you for that. You can even use your photography talent, take enticing photographs, upload your work, get approved, and get paid instantly.

Some companies you can work for are:

5- Work As A Courthouse Researcher

If you are good at researching and savor attaining information, then this may be one of the easiest online jobs for you. As a Courthouse researcher, your job necessitates visiting courthouses and collecting public record information.

You gather the information that applies to various lawsuits, civil records, deeds, tax liens, and more. The research companies you work for then use this information and pay you for your effort.

Today, most of the public records are now kept electronically stored, so you can easily find the information online.

However, you may need to occasionally hit the courthouse, the city hall, or the office of the county clerk to find any sensitive information that isn’t available online.

Research companies operating in this niche are:

6- Deliver Groceries

Personal grocery shopping jobs are a simple way to make extra money in your spare time. The jobs require no specialized skills or investment except driving skills.

There are several companies with which you can sign-up and get paid to deliver groceries for their clients. As you don’t have to commit to working for a single company, you can serve several at a time.

Most companies operate via smartphone apps that act as an interface to connect their customers with their delivery shopper.

Some of the legit companies to look for jobs are:

7- Be An Expert And Answer Simple Questions

If you have expert knowledge in certain areas and have excellent communication skills, then you can utilize it to make money online.

Though the internet is flooded with information, people still need authority advice from individuals who have gone through a similar experience and can easily provide solutions to their problems. This is where you fit in as an expert.

Several online companies offer such services, where users post their questions and you as an expert will answer them personally via chat, email, or phone.

That makes it easier for online users to have their queries solved, and they are more than happy to pay for it.

Companies that pay you cash to answer simple questions are:

8- Perform Easy Online Website Testing

Each professional website or app needs to be thoroughly tested before getting launched. Since thousands of websites and apps get launched each day, the testing opportunities are endless.

As a tester, you browse these websites and apps, record your experience, and provide valuable feedback on any glitches caught.

This is an easy online job, and companies will pay any amount to test their websites. Though getting testing opportunities can be difficult to find on your own, registering on some specialized websites can do the trick.

Some legitimate companies to sign-up for are:

9- Become A Product Tester

Established brands are always looking to put the best product out in front of consumers. Before they even launch their products, they want to gather valuable feedback to improvise and make the products stand out in the market.

To find out what customers expect, they are eager to pay the product testers and also offer them freebies to strengthen the brand awareness.

Product testing is a fun and simple work from home job. You can make easy money while reviewing products and giving your opinion online.

Some research companies that hire you in this niche are:

10- Teach English Online

There is an enormous demand for ESL teachers in non-English-speaking countries like China. If you love teaching, then this can be an easy online job that can earn you significant money.

Online tutoring jobs are an exceptional way to make extra money and that too from the comforts of your home or while you travel.

You may contribute a few minutes online, teaching a lesson, answering questions or queries, or working one-on-one with students in video sessions.

So, if you know you can do well as an English Teacher, you should consider online teaching earnestly.

Companies that frequently hire online ESL teachers are:

11- Do Home-Based Social Media Jobs

If you kill lots of time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, then this opportunity may interest you.

Businesses know how important it is for them to use the influence of social media. For them, knowing what to post and when, how to create engaging content, and run social media marketing campaigns to build an engaged audience can be overwhelming.

So, they need expert social media managers to help them grow their social media presence by managing it and promoting their products, services, and brands to their targeted audience.

Besides conventional social media management, you may work as a content curator, editor, proofreader, or moderator, depending on the job and your skills.

Companies to look for home-based social media jobs are:

12- Become A Search Engine Evaluator

If you are good with internet browsing and searching, then you must consider this easy online job. This is a great way to put extra money in your pocket with insignificant efforts.

All the major search engines like Google and Bing keep updating their search algorithm and constantly require testing.

As a web search evaluator, you ensure that search engines function the way they should and provide relevant search results to the users. You will do plenty of searches and provide feedback on the pertinence of search engine results.

Some reputed companies to find jobs are:

13- Take Paid Surveys

One of the easiest online jobs to make extra money effortlessly is to take paid surveys. Several market research companies seek your verdict on the products and services of their clients.

To achieve this, they hire people like you and pay them to take online surveys.

If you are interested, then a few prominent companies that constantly provide paid surveys are:

14- Watch Videos Online For Free

Most of us watch some sort of video content frequently, either for informative or entertainment purposes. But few would know that it’s possible to make money simply by watching videos online?

Yes, it’s possible, and the companies that pay you for such easy online jobs are:

15- Listen And Review Music For Free

If you love music, then several websites are ready to pay you to listen to music and provide valuable feedback to new singers and songwriters. Your inputs help the imminent artists find the right direction they need for their music.

All you need is to listen to the songs of aspiring artists and write reviews about them. The more you listen and review, the more money you earn.

Prominent websites operating in this arena are:

easy online jobs

It’s Time To Start These Easy Online Jobs

Now, since you have several options for easy online jobs, nothing should hold you back.

As I mentioned earlier, most of these easy online jobs pay limited, and you may, therefore, need to take more than one opportunity to achieve a significant income.

Consistency and dedication are the keys. If you put the appropriate discipline in the right direction, then a little effort and time of yours can yield in filling your pockets with some extra money.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these easy online jobs and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!