12 Easy Home Based Jobs For Retirees To Make Money Online

Dwelling snugly and still contributing to household expenses after retirement could be anybody’s priority. If it’s a precedence for you as well, easy home-based jobs for retirees can be your savior.

Work-from-home jobs after retirement can be an absolute way to bring in much-needed income without dedicating too much of your valuable time and energy to things like commuting for offices or doing strenuous work.

Thanks to the ever-expanding Internet world, today, there are several work-at-home jobs available for retirees that require your experience, knowledge, and skills.

The most conspicuous advantage is you can decide to work as many or as few hours as you yearn and set a flexible work schedule.

Keeping that perspective, today, I will list down 12 easy home-based jobs for retirees. So, if you don’t quite have enough money to live the lifestyle you fancy, don’t worry, you get covered here.

easy home based jobs for retirees

Easy Home Based Jobs For Retirees

Here is the list of some simple work-at-home jobs for retirees.

Some of them are entirely home-based, while others may need some of your time outside the house. However, I guarantee you, they all are simple to perform and will bring in significant income.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can pick the ones that accommodate you the best.

1- Be An Online Tutor

It would surprise you how many people are amenable to pay if you have skills or expertise that others would love to learn. If you’re a retired teacher, online tutoring can be an easy home-based job for retirees.

Whether it’s teaching specific subjects to school kids or teaching English language (ESL Tutors), you can teach remotely via video sessions.

To find jobs, you can sign-up for many online tutoring platforms. Some may demand prior teaching experience, while others don’t.

VIPKid regularly recruits experienced tutors to teach English to Chinese students online. If you don’t have any teaching experience, you can sign-up for Cambly.

These jobs can make you anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour.

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2- Work As An Online Consultant

If you have senior-level work experience, then online consulting is a very lucrative job that you can do as a retiree.

Even if you never worked professionally but owned a business, having decades of experience in a particular industry can be remarkably valuable to others.

As an online consultant, you will mostly work for small companies and startups to help them identify and resolve their business problems. You can set your desirable consulting rates and earn a fruitful income.

Consulting opportunities exist in several fields including, human resources, healthcare, retail, sales, marketing, finance, technology, and more.

Offering your services to your previous employer is also a fabulous way to start your consulting career.

3- Be A Customer Service Agent

The customer service industry hires people regardless of age, provided you have excellent communication skills and willingness to make the customers feel satisfied with your interaction.

As a retiree, if you have prior customer service experience, you can work as a virtual customer service rep. Your job involves serving customers by attending to their queries over the phone, via emails, or online chat.

If you are comfortable dealing with people over the phone, you can work as an on-call agent. For people who want to avoid taking calls, serving as an online chat agent is a superb option.

Some companies like Transcom, TTEC, Arise, and Needle regularly hires home-based customer service agents. Most positions will pay from $10 to $18 per hour.

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4- Become A Virtual Assistant

VAs are in high demand, as businesses prefer to hire them over the on-site employees. Depending on the company’s demands, hiring someone to help remotely offers more flexibility and less fixed costs.

As a retiree, if you can manage simple administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, booking travel arrangements, managing email or social media, taking notes, gathering data, or acting as a personal assistant, you can work as a Virtual Assistant.

There are plenty of virtual assistant opportunities available on sites like, Boldly, Fancy Hands, and Belay Solutions.

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5- Be A Remote Bookkeeper

If you earlier worked as an accountant or bookkeeper, you must consider this job and enjoy working part-time or full-time from the warmth of your home.

The job typically involves squaring accounts and processing payroll. You will mostly work for small to mid-sized businesses and can have a flexible work schedule. The pay can be from $30 to $40 per hour.

Several specialized companies recruit remote bookkeepers. You can find various home-based bookkeeping and accounting opportunities with companies like Bookminders, 1-800Accountant, and Click Accounts.

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6- Work As A Transcriber

Transcription is a perfect work-at-home job for a retiree if you have fast and accurate typing. Other requirements typically include strong English and grammar skills.

The job involves converting audio or video file to text format. Your client sends you audio/video files, and all you need to do is play them on your computer and type what is being said with 100% accuracy.

As the popularity of vlogs and podcast content is growing, so does the demand for transcription.

Several companies like GoTranscript, Rev, and TranscribeMe offer opportunities to experienced transcribers as well as beginners.

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6- Become A Proofreader

For retirees who have a knack for spotting grammatical errors, proofreading is an excellent way to earn money online.

As a proofreader, you will review documents, ebooks, technical journals, newsletters, and novels and report any glitches caught in grammar.

If you had a legal or medical profession, even better as employers pay more to medical and legal transcribers.

For retirees who are experienced editors, proofreading opportunities as endless, and the hourly pay is much higher. You can expect to make $30-$40 per hour.

Companies like ProofreadingServices, ProofreadingPal, and Scribbr regularly hire qualified people to join their team.

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8- Be A Content Writer

Content writing is one of the best online jobs for retirees who possess excellent writing skills and expert knowledge of a specific subject.

If you have these skills and have an appetite for writing, freelance writing jobs can be an excellent choice to make money online.

The content you create can be blog posts, articles, marketing emails, marketing campaigns, newsletters, social media content, website copy, or any other type of writing.

You have the option to work full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer. Though landing full-time or part-time jobs can be arduous, getting freelance writing gigs is analogously easy.

Some websites like Textbroker, MediaBistro, and ProBlogger are excellent places to find freelance writing opportunities. The companies pay you per project, per article, or word.

9- Answer Simple Questions

As a retiree, make your expertise count by answering simple questions online and make extra money for each question you answer.

People need specialist advice from individuals who have gone through a similar experience and can easily provide solutions to their challenges. This is where you fit in as an expert.

Several companies like Just Answer, Experts123, and PrestoExperts offer these services, where users post their questions, and you as an expert will answer them personally via chat, email, or phone.

You will get paid either at an hourly rate or per question answered.

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10- Pet Sit Or Babysit For Neighbors

You may reside in a locality with plenty of busy families who are wealthy but have inadequate time.

These people need help to take care of their kids or pets, and you, with your experience, can help them and make money for yourselves.

Reach out to your neighbors to see if they need such services. They may request your services daily for an hour or two when they are busy at the offices. People who go out on vacation may need you to per sit for a few continuous days.

You can make $15–$20 per hour, so the more hours you serve, the higher your income will be. If you are not lucky with your neighbors, Care and Rover are prominent places to find several opportunities.

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11- Rent Yourself As A Grandma Or Grandpa

Few seniors would know this, but people can hire you to act as a Grandma or Grandpa for their children.

Though these gigs are limited and finding them on your own can be difficult, websites like Rent A Grandma or Rent A Grandpa are prominent places to sign-up and look for such opportunities.

These sites help you connect with people who may require your services. Since you are elderly, people expect you to be well trained to handle and care for their kids.

The significant thing is you get to negotiate your hourly pay with your potential customers. It can be $20-$50 per hour.

12- Rent Your Stuff

Renting your stuff is a simple way to make money for retirees. At this stage of life, you may have several possessions that you may not use regularly. You can rent them out to people who need them.

If you have gardening, carpentry tools, electric, mechanical, or even sporting equipment, you can rent out to your neighbors and make money.

Going beyond the neighbors, you can list your stuff on websites like Loanables and RentNotBuy that practice product rentals.

Besides, you can rent your garage to park other people’s vehicles. Websites like Spacer or Curbflip are excellent for this purpose.

If you own a car and not using it often, try renting it out on Turo or Hyrecar.

You can rent out your space or a room for storage through apps like Neighbor or StoreAtMyHouse.

Spare living space or basement can also be used to find tenants on Roommates and RoomieMatch.

If you live at a prime location or near a tourist destination, you can list your property on Airbnb and earn a significant income.

easy home based jobs for retirees

Easy Home Based Jobs For Retirees – It’s Time To Start Earning!

After retirement, your expenses rarely curtail, however, the income reduces significantly. So, you have all the reasons to look for extra sources of income.

The above online jobs for retirees will benefit you a great deal to meet your financial demands. You can pull one or more of these as per your lifestyle.

The glorious thing is, by performing these easy online jobs from home, you can make extra money and still find time to do the things you love. You maintain a better work-life balance by having amazing fun and making new friends.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these easy home-based jobs for retirees and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!