5 Places To Get Paid To Cuddle And Make Upto $100 Per Hour

I may sound outlandish, but the fact is, you can get paid to cuddle strangers. Professional cuddling is one of the incipient professions gaining traction globally.

The reason is simple. Cuddling is one of our rudimentary biological needs. It brings great pleasure to life by minimizing tension and anxiety and relinquishing stress and pain.

Psychologists consider cuddling a form of professional therapy worth paying for. If you suffer from anxiety or despondence, you can hire certified cuddlers trained for platonic therapeutic touches.

And this is what professional cuddlers do. A professional cuddler cuddles his/her client in return for money.

Several companies hire and train people interested to take cuddling as a profession.

So, if you don’t mind cuddling with strangers, hugging them, holding their hands, or just hanging around with them, being a professional cuddler can be an excellent career option.

The great thing is the work involves little effort, and the pay is good.

Sounds intriguing? Just hang in there!

In this article, I will explore the best companies to get paid to cuddle, what is the earning potential as a professional cuddler, what precisely does the job entail, and much more?

get paid to cuddle

Here Is What A Professional Cuddler Do?

Humans are social animals, and they always love to get around and talk about things in their minds to like-minded people.

Because of some reason, when people lack such intimacy, they incline to feel solitary. That is where you step in as a professional cuddler.

You hang around with such people to bring love and pleasure into their lives. You do a sympathetic exchange of emotions by holding hands, spooning, and chatting with your clients in a platonic way, and in return, you get paid to cuddle.

Always keep in mind, professional cuddlers are not the replacement for psychologists. By no means do we expect cuddlers to offer any life-changing advice in their professional capacity.

As a professional cuddler, you can work freelance or with a company that provides cuddling services to its clients. It is the clients who post their cuddling session requirement. Depending upon your availability, you have the freedom to pick them.

Then, based on the agreement, you will either meet the client at a public place, at their home, or a specialty center dedicated to cuddling.

You can sit comfortably at the place, snuggle, hold hands, watch a movie, play games, read books, or even chat if that’s what your client wants to do.

The session can elongate for multiple hours, and you get paid to cuddle at an hourly rate.

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get paid to cuddle

Best Places To Get Paid To Cuddle

Safety is always a major concern for people when they meet a stranger alone. When hiring any cuddling services, people only consider trusted names in the cuddling business.

So, if you want to be a professional cuddler joining up a reputed cuddling company is the best way to start.

There are several professional cuddling companies out there that hire the services of cuddlers for their clients.

Here I list some of the best ones in the business:

1- Cuddlist

Cuddlist got launched in late 2015 and has over 200 certified cuddlers on its panel. The company offers cuddling services across the US, Canada, and the U.K.

To be a professional cuddler with the company, you must be 18 years or more and complete a paid online training. To get cuddling gigs from the company, you must apply for a membership that comes to you at a monthly fee.

The company also offers you certification and advance training to help you become a professional cuddler.

Once you have become a one, the company gives you a space on their website. You get a dedicated page to show your personality, describe your sessions, and receive requests from clients who want to cuddle up with you.

You are free to set your rates. However, the minimum that a cuddler can charge on the platform is $60 per hour. The average pay is $80 per hour.

2- Cuddle Comfort

Founded in 2011, Cuddle Comfort is one of the largest online cuddling sites worldwide. If you are 18 years or more, you can join the website for free.

You can set your pay rate. However, the company has fixed the minimum as $40 per hour.

For women, the site takes a 15% commission. That means the minimum amount you can earn here is $34 an hour. But that’s the minimum. Most cuddlers set their rates considerably higher, typically $80 per hour.

For men, besides the commission, the company even charges a monthly membership fee.

3- Cuddle Companion

Cuddle Companion is another marketplace for professional cuddlers. After registration, you can list your services on the website by creating an informative and trustworthy profile.

You can set your prices and make your service options. The company does not limit the services only to cuddling. You can also be a travel companion, tour guide, masseuse, pretend girlfriend, event companion, and more.

As a professional cuddler, you earn 60% to 85% on each booking. The rest go to the company as commissions.

After each completed session, the company pays you in cash, a Paypal deposit, or any other convenient mode of payment you prefer.

4- Certified Cuddlers

Certified Cuddlers is an excellent website to list your services as a professional cuddler. If you are an amateur, the company also offers online and hands-on training.

After completing the training, you get certified and are free to list your services on the site. You can set your price that can range from $60 to $150.

5- Cuddle Connect

Cuddle Connect is a great website, and you can join it for free. The company provides two options to join; Enthusiast Cuddler and Professional Cuddler.

As an enthusiast, you cuddle for free. But if you are a professional cuddler, you get paid for your services.

Besides the above well-established companies, there are also smaller and regional ones like NordicCuddle in the UK and Cuddle Therapy in Australia, which you can use to get paid to cuddle.

How Much Can You Get Paid To Cuddle?

Most of the companies in the cuddling business allow you to set your hourly rate. The lowest in most cases is $40 per hour. After deducting the company’s commission, you can still make $35 an hour.

Established cuddlers usually set higher prices that can range from $65 to $150.

Taking the average earrings per hour to be $50 and if you work 5 hours a day, you can easily make $200 per day, which I consider is excellent.

Most agencies will also reimburse you for the travel expenses you incur to reach the meetup place.

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Get Paid To Cuddle – Is It The Right Choice For You?

If you are a social and friendly person who doesn’t mind hanging out with strangers, then getting paid to cuddle is the right choice for you.

Cuddling insinuates that you will meet a lot of strangers, touch them, and get touched. If you can do this without discriminating against peoples’ race, gender, and religious beliefs, you can be great at cuddling.

Above all, you must possess a benevolent attitude. You must always be sympathetic to others and show them tenderness (in a platonic way).

Don’t forget, to be a professional and certified cuddler requires training and certification that comes at a cost. Some agencies also charge a monthly membership fee to list your services on their platform.

For example, Cuddlist requires you to complete their online course, which costs $150 to become a trained cuddler. They also charge $250 to award certification and have a monthly fee of $40 to list your services on their website.

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It’s Time To Beat The Stigma Of Cuddling

Today, cuddling is no longer considered a taboo topic. Some people like Jane Wells, the owner of Cuddle Up to Me, have already proven that cuddling is not about sensual touches.

Cuddling businesses have worked hard to change the perspective, and now people consider snuggling a therapeutic experience, much like meditation or yoga.

So, if you love people and are exceedingly open-minded, you can get paid to cuddle. You can make an outstanding part-time living doing something that brings love and joy to people’s lives.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these ways to get paid to cuddle and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!