8 Ways To Get Paid To Quit Smoking And Live Nicotine Free

I am a heavy smoker, and when I searched the internet for ways to quit, I came across a captivating way. Get paid to quit smoking. Well, the idea amazed me a lot.

I have been trying to kick off the smoking evil for years, but all my efforts went in vain. Every time I ended up puffing again.

Nicotine cigarettes are so addictive that of all the smokers who try to quit, only 6% succeed. Though there are several smoking cessation programs, therapies, medications, and counseling, the success rate is pretty low.

But a recent study shows that monetary incentives can work wonders. During this clinical trial, smokers who received cash rewards showed better results than those who didn’t.

The primary reason I feel is the motivation you drive from getting paid. After all, to quit any nasty habit, you need some inspiration. And what better than monetary stimulus.

Today, several paid clinical trials, paid programs, and government aids pay you cash to quit smoking. Even several corporates have adopted the same concept to keep their employees away from nicotine.

So, without further ado, let’s explore all the options we have to get paid for smoking cessation.

get paid to quit smoking

Yes, You Can Get Paid To Quit Smoking!

A majority of smokers want to quit smoking as they are well-aware of the health hazards that come along.

If you’re among this majority and also looking for ways to get paid to quit smoking, here I present the best ways to do it.

1- Take Part In Paid Clinical Trials

When it comes to getting paid to quit smoking, paid clinical trials outscores any other ways.

A single research study can get you $50 – $2000. This amount depends upon the complexity and the number of days particular research takes to complete.

The medical research institutes continually look for people to participate in such studies and are happy to pay good money to volunteer.

Though the government offers a majority of paid clinical trials, you can also see some by non-profit organizations, local universities, local hospitals, research centers, and private medical companies.

Where To Find Smoking Cessation Paid Clinical Trails?

Here are a few places to find quit smoking research studies:

1- ClinicalTrials.gov

The best option is to check for clinical trials is at The National Institute of Health’s website ClinicalTrials.gov.

They list paid research studies from around the country. You can filter the results by cities, so it’s easy to locate trails near you.

2- Project Quit

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) offers this program. The study targets to improve treatment for smokers who want to quit the habit.

3- CenterWatch

CenterWatch is another recognized institute that provides clinical trial information, as it has one of the largest clinical trial databases.

4- Smokefree.gov

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) owns this website and lists several clinical trials for smoking cessation.

5- DoNotPay

DoNotPay is an app that matches you with studies based on safety, distance, compensation, and individual preferences.

What Benefits Do You Get From Clinical Trials?

1- Hard Cash

To drive motivation, many clinical trials pay hard cash. The longer the duration of a study, the higher you get paid.

For example, a study may pay $2000 for a two to three-week commitment wherein you must be physically present at the research center and get your vitals checked.

2- Smoking Cessation Products

Smoking cessation studies mostly focus on developing products, such as patches, inhalers, gum, prescription tablets, and other quit smoking aids, and you can get all these for free.

3- Other Incentives

You also receive vouchers, gift cards, transportation passes, hotel stays, and other extras to facilitate your participation in the trial.

get paid to quit smoking

2- Join Programs From Private Companies

Several companies help you quit smoking while also providing free aids. Some may pay you cash to enroll, while others give away free smoking cessation products.

1- QuitPartner

QuitPlan is an organization that offers free quit smoking products to residents of Minnesota that are 18 and above. You can visit the website and register to get two weeks free supply of nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges as a quit smoking starter kit.

2- 802Quits

802Quits provides two to eight weeks of free supply of nicotine patches, gums, and lozenges. If you have a prescription, you can receive unlimited preferred brands of nicotine patches and gum or lozenges or up to 16 weeks of non-preferred brands at no cost to you.

3- 1866NewLung

With the company’s quit smoking program, the enrolled participants will receive a free supply of Nicoderm CQ patches. While signing up, you can opt for private or telephonic counseling. You can even join the program as a group.

4- NoButts

NoButts is another company that gives free nicotine patches to California residents. As a starter kit, you receive two weeks’ of supply for free. All you need is to register on their website and provide the necessary details.

5- NY SmokeFree

With NY SmokeFree, you can get up to a three-month supply of free nicotine gum if you are from New York State. You can apply online or call their helpline number to enroll in the program.

3- Make Good Use Of Faith-Based Organizations

You may not know it, but several faith-based organizations run quit smoking programs in association with the government.

Besides providing free smoke cessation products, some also offer cash incentives to help smokers kick off their habit.

Some of the prominent faith-based organizations in the US are:

  • American Baptist Home Mission Societies
  • General Commission on United Methodist Men
  • Islamic Society of North America
  • Seventh-day Adventist Health Ministries- North America Division
  • United Church of Christ Health Ministry

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has a list of such organizations with complete details. Each faith-based organization would have its criteria to pick candidates for incentives.

Check out these organizations. Some would run smoke cessation programs in your area.

4- Grab Opportunities From Your Employer

A recent study reveals that employers can save up to $5,000 annually for every employee who quits smoking.

Not only do smoking cessation programs increase workplace productivity but also save employers money from lowered healthcare costs.

That is the reason several companies participate in clinical trials for smoking cessation. A few companies also create their own smoking cessation programs.

Heartspm, a pest control company in Los Angeles, pays its employees a $500 bonus for attending a cigarette smoker cessation clinic and remain smoke-free for one year.

Check with your employer if it runs a similar program.

Unfortunately, most companies that previously adopted such programs had trouble continuing them long term. They found it was hard to justify the non-smokers who consider it as an unfair benefit to smokers.

So more and more companies are adopting a workaround. 2018 Employee Benefits Survey Report from SHRM says, 16 percent of American employers provided a discount on health insurance to non-smoking employees.

While 10 percent of employers provided discounts on health plans to those participating in smoking cessation programs, 18 percent imposed a penalty on employees who smoke.

That means, if you work for such an employer, you can save considerably on employer-sponsored medical insurance merely by quitting smokes.

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5- Let The Government Pay You To Quit Smoking

All the major health institutes run by the government have smoke cessation programs.

Besides helping smokers to quit their habit, they also provide free quit smoking products. Some may even pay you to quit smoking.

Primary institutes to check are:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Lung Association
  • National Cancer Institute
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Besides, your local government can have similar programs as well.

6- Get Paid To Quit Smoking By Insurance Companies

Though insurance companies don’t pay you directly to quit smoking, you can save plenty if you are a non-smoker.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurers have the freedom to charge smokers up to 50% higher than non-smokers.

The surcharge varies between the insurers and also on the state policies. As per the recent study, if you are a non-smoker, you can save $200 to $500, or even higher on the premiums every year.

7- Get Paid To Quit Smoking By Saving Taxes On Cigarettes

Saving on taxes is a great way to get paid to quit smoking, though not directly. We all know cigarettes are one of the most heavily taxed items.

Depending upon where you live in America, you could pay anything between $4.35 and 17 Cents as taxes on every pack you buy.

If we talk figures, about 680,000 Americans smoke over 40 cigarettes daily while 11.5 percent consume between 11 and 19 cigarettes each day.

So, depending upon how many cigarettes you consume daily, it’s easy to calculate how much extra money you can save.

For example, living in NY ($4.35 taxes per pack) and smoking a pack daily, you can easily save $130 per month or $1,500 per year just by quitting your smoking habit.

That is only your savings on taxes. Don’t forget to add the actual retail price of your smoking brand. Added together, it can be a whooping saving amount per year.

8- Get Paid To Quit Smoking Through Mobile Apps

Though I am yet to find any app that pays directly to quit smoking, there are several that show your progress in reaching targeted personal goals.

These apps help track the amount of money saved each day or month, the number of cigarettes not smoked, savings from taxes and insurance, health benefits, and so on.

I feel it’s pretty motivational for people who look for some incentive to back their decision to quit smoking.

Some apps to consider are:

  • Quit Tracker
  • QuitNow
  • EasyQuit
  • My Quit Time
  • Smoke-Free
get paid to quit smoking

It’s Time To Kick Off The Vice

I hope you can use one or more options to get paid to quit smoking.

Even if you don’t get any money, you will surely change other aspects of your lifestyle as quitting the smoke will surely benefit you and your family’s health. It will help the environment too.

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That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these ways to get paid to quit smoking and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!