What Sells Best On Etsy – Make More Money As An Etsy Seller

So you landed here looking to start a business on Etsy and confused about what to sell. Maybe you’re a total beginner or want to have a second Etsy shop, but are not sure about what sells best on Etsy.

Don’t worry! I got you covered here.

Believe me! You are not only the one person who gets baffled picking the right category or niche and figure out what sells best on Etsy.

Etsy is an online marketplace for people who want to buy and sell handmade, vintage, or unique items from around the world.

Etsy got launched in 2005 and has become very popular over the past few years.

Many people want to sell their stuff on Etsy, especially the maker of crafts, art, jewelry, handmade beauty products, toys, and other unconventional items. These are the items you won’t find anywhere else but Etsy.

Choosing the right category lays the foundation of the business. In this article, I am going to give you the list of what sells best on Etsy as starting your business in the right way will set you up for success.

A word of warning: Choosing a profitable niche doesn’t mean automatic success. There is a lot more work involved than just choosing the products, creating them, and listing.

Before going to the list, it’s essential to discuss some basics about selling stuff on Etsy.

what sells best on Etsy

Why Sell On Etsy

Etsy is a large growing market of creatives, and if you still have doubts about selling on Etsy, here are the top reasons to convince you to start selling on Etsy:

1- Trusted Marketplace

Etsy is a generously recognized and trusted platform. According to the annual report of Statista, Etsy has around 44.20 million and exponentially growing active customers.

2- Cheaper To Start

Etsy is relatively cheaper to start. You need to pay 20 cents for each item you list, and that is valid for four months. If it sells, you pay Etsy a small fee (3.5% of the selling price).

On eBay, the minimum listing fees are 50cents, and on Amazon, it’s almost $1. So it’s comparatively cheaper to sell on Etsy.

3- Easy To Set-Up

It is far easier to set up your store on Etsy as compared to other platforms like Shopify. All you need is an active mailing ID and items to list.

4- Efficient System

From its inventory management to logistics, Etsy makes the hard stuff look easy. Etsy also updates the site regularly and prioritizes working on ease-of-use both for its buyers and sellers.

5- Free Traffic

Listing your items on Etsy means you won’t have to work on building traffic or marketing your site. Esty has its own trusted and loyal customers that keep coming, so you get inbuilt traffic.

6- Less Competition

We know Etsy specializes in selling vintage, handmade, custom made, etc., items. It has a customer base that means you will face less competition compared to other platforms like Amazon or eBay.

E.g., If you choose Amazon or eBay to sell crafts, you will get lost in the pool, and it will take you ages to stand out. Etsy chunks out that competition, so it’s better to sell on Etsy for crafty items.

7- Friendly Community

Etsy has a community of creators who support each other online. Not only do they advertise items from fellow Etsy sellers, but they also help with common questions. To add to this, Etsy has its in-built support to answer any queries you have.

8- Etsy Events

Besides having a store, you also get to take part in various localized events organized by Etsy teams.

Etsy Has Its Limitations

Before we move on, it’s important to note that the Etsy marketplace isn’t right for every business.

Etsy creators build the platform on the concept of selling unique, handmade goods, and they work hard to keep that reputation.

So there are certain products you can’t sell on Etsy, and thus, some business models won’t work on this marketplace.

For example, a traditional wholesale or resale business isn’t feasible on Etsy.

Items in the Handmade category must be original and handmade.

The Vintage category allows reselling, but only if items are at least 20 years old.

The Craft Supplies category allows you to sell commercial, nonvintage products, but within specific boundaries.

You can run a dropshipping business on Etsy with certain products and within particular categories.

However, for Etsy’s transparency policies, you will need to identify your dropshipper as your production partner. You should also do your best to make sure your dropshipper meets Etsy’s standards.

Considering these limitations, Etsy might not be a good fit for all businesses. So do consider these before you move further.

Selling On Etsy Is More Of A Passion

Selling on Etsy isn’t like any other selling business. It has more to do with your passion for creativity. So before you decide what you’re going to sell, ask yourself the following questions:

What is my zeal? What do I enjoy creating? How do I get inspired? Do I have the patience to keep going in rough times?

Pick your niche according to the answers to these questions.

The biggest reason very few people become successful on Etsy is that they do not identify their passion and take Etsy as hard selling.

Instead of their passion, they start blindly following other successful sellers. For e.g., imitating others, they sell craft with no interest in it and fail miserably.

So, you must pick a niche that will keep you going, especially at the starting stage when you don’t make enough money. If you sell what interests you, it will keep you motivated.

hand bags

How To Know What Sells Best On Etsy?

As we discussed, you choose the niche you feel associated with. However, for selecting individual products, here are a few factors you must consider:

1- Low Entry Barrier

Some products require expensive equipment, costly production, artistic mastery, or all three.

To sell successfully on Etsy, you need products that don’t require a lot of these overheads.

2- Good Sales Opportunity

You need a product which is popular and is in high demand. Not to forget the products must have low competition.

The best opportunities lie where the shoppers want a variety of options or something highly unique.

3- Highly Profitable

You must sell products that make you a significant margin of profits. The products must be inexpensive and easy to ship.

E.g., in the beginning, you must avoid glassware as it requires expensive maintenance and shipping.

Based on the above criteria, here is my list of what sells best on Etsy.

What Sells Best On Etsy

Let’s have a look at some categories that are the best sellers on Etsy.

It will help you understand what sells best on Etsy, why that sells, and is that right for you or not.

So without further delay, let’s dive in.

1- Digital Prints

Digital print is an excellent product category for Esty. If you have graphic designing skills, you can put your talent to create something that the customers will like.

One of the best things I like, digital prints require minimum overhead cost and no shipping.

You only have to spend time creating them one time and then sell them over again and again.

2- Personalized Clothing

Clothing is one of the top-selling categories on Etsy. I am not talking about general clothing but handmade personalized clothing items.

If you know how to sew and knit and can create something beautiful, unique, and custom, this is the right category for you.

I highly recommend you sell clothing items on Etsy as these are in high demand, and customers love handmade clothing.

3- Baby Products

Kids & Baby stuff is another popular category, which features a wide variety of handmade products created for children.

The reason this category has top-selling items on Etsy is the love of mothers for their children.

So, if you can make beautiful, unique, and personalized baby items, then you will stand out for sure.

4- Crochet and Knitted Products

You can readily turn these crafts into a substantial business. However, consider the time you spend creating them and price your products accordingly.

If the profits are not worth your time, you will be highly disappointing when you aren’t making sales.

5- Quilts

If you can whip handmade quilts, consider selling them. Quilts are something that people buy and pay a lot of money.

Consider creating quilts of different sizes and use. Go light, traditional, modern, and any style you can think of.

6- Art

This product category is extensive, as there is no limit when we talk about art.

Whether its paintings, photography, mixed media, printable art, art prints, and even sculptures, all can be a part of your artistic work.

If you are a great artist, showcasing and selling your art on Esty is an excellent way to start your Etsy journey.

7- Planners

People love planners. You can create several types of planners from budget planners to day planners. You can sell these in a bundle, individually, or even sell just a few sheets.

Customers purchase your designs, download, and print themselves. So once you list a planner on Etsy, it will sell repeatedly, and the income you receive is passive.

However, you must consider uploading the new designs often to keep the stocks fresh.

8- Unique Jewelry

Jewelry is another hot category on Etsy, but not just ordinary stuff available on Amazon. Craft unique and personalized jewelry.

The cost of shipping is low because it’s not heavy. It’s a great niche to be in, especially if you make jewelry yourself.

9- Craft Supplies

Here I am not talking about crafts but the supplies required to make them. Selling craft supplies, such as beads, charms, ribbons, yarn, can be an excellent opportunity for new sellers.

This niche doesn’t require that you be artistic. If you can identify who your buyer is and what their needs are, you can build a store around it.

10- DIY Craft Kits

DIY craft kits provide a fun and inexpensive way to make a profit on Etsy.

These kits range from more complex crafts in beautiful packaging to simple kits for children.

The sweet spot for this market includes kits that offer something engaging, especially for children or families, and that is not super complex.

craft kits

11- Toys & Games

Handcrafted toys and games sell best on Etsy. People of all ages want these products, and there is not much competition in this category.

Creating handmade toys is not anybody’s game. It requires exceptional skills, and if you have it, go for it.

Not anyone can easily copy your designs, so you can create unique designs and see them sell like hotcakes.

12- Party Decor

Party decor is something you must consider because everyone wants their party to be decorative and unique.

You can’t think of parties without decoration, so these items are in high demand and perfect to sell on Etsy.

If you can offer unique party decor items, then customers will love it.

13- Vinyl & Heat Transfer Supplies

Another category that sells well on Etsy. If you don’t have the skills to knit, draw, or create handmade stuff, you can sell vinyl & heat transfer supplies.

Other sellers of T-shirts and clothing usually buy this stuff to make their products look more crafty, so demand is high.

14- Stickers

Stickers are one of the best sellers on Etsy because people love to use stickers.

The significant thing about selling stickers on Etsy is that you don’t need a high budget to start your store, and the cost of shipping is also low.

Therefore, if you know how to design cool and unique stickers, consider picking up this as your Etsy category.

15- Home Decor

Home decor can be big or small depending on what you are good at. Remember, the cost of shipping can be substantial.

You can create many unique home decor items like decorative mantels, coffee stations, furniture, etc.

Selling these items is highly profitable, and these sell pretty well too.

16- Pet Supplies

People love their pets, so there is a massive demand for pet-related products.

If you create unique pet products like handmade dog collars or leashes, start your pet supplies store right away.

17- Invitations & Paper

Everyone looks for a unique invitation, whether it’s a birthday, wedding or parties, etc.

That is the reason they sell best on Etsy. It’s a great way to start your store on a low budget.

If you create invites in different styles and patterns, get into this category.

18- Vintage

Vintage is another category that sells best on Etsy. It is unique, as no one else has the same stock as you.

If you have vintage stuff at home, it’s worth listing on Etsy.

To sell vintage products, focus more on product photography and marketing because these items are for a specific audience.

You can also get vintage items from thrift stores and other such places, put your price tag and sell on Etsy.

19- Fashion Accessories

Accessories are another popular item on Etsy. It includes plaid scarves, child bows, bands, pins, and cufflinks, crowns, trendy caps and hats, and everything else to wrap around.

If you are good at handcrafting these items, it can be a category worth trying.

20- Glassware

Glassware can be a challenge to ship, but otherwise, it’s an excellent and hot selling category on Etsy.

Glassware is prevalent, and people are always looking for fun things to give as gifts throughout the year.

Etsy best sellers

In Conclusion

Etsy is a phenomenal marketplace that gives creative people a platform to showcase and sell their art, crafts, and other masterpieces. If you are creative, there are a lot of opportunities for you on Etsy.

The above list is pretty extensive of what sells best on Etsy. Choose what suits you. No doubt! It has to gel with your interest.

If you can’t find something up there that fits your liking, Etsy isn’t the platform for you.

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If you find any category that suits you, do some product research, take some time to find quality production partners and materials, and then start creating.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to find your best-selling category on Etsy and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!