21 Best Online Jobs For Teenagers To Start Earning Today

Teens frequently ask me this question. Are there any good online jobs for teenagers to make some side income?

I get so excited to listen when teenagers are curious to make money even before high school.

Five years before, my answers to this question would be an obvious “NO”.

Because back then, teenagers used to get only low qualified or less dignified jobs such as storekeepers, waiters, new-paper, or pizza delivery.

Believe me, these jobs required a lot of effort and paid almost nothing. Most of the teens who picked these jobs had no opportunities for skills development or career advancement.

These taught nothing except the fact that making money is not only hard but also getting rich is unreal.

Today, things have changed as there are many online jobs for teenagers that can pay a teenager equally just as an adult would get.

So, in today’s context, my answer to the question is “YES”.

As a teenager, getting your first job as a teenager is so amazing. It’s the first sign of self-determination and an important initial step towards financial freedom.

There’s no better stage to learn the value of money and set the tone for your financial future than getting an online job as a teenager.

Plus, it can make it easier to make money in college because then it will no longer be a new concept for you.

So, what are the ultimate best online jobs for teenagers right now?

In this article, I have presented a list of the best online jobs for teenagers that you can do remotely from home and earn good money.

Let’s find these out!

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Best Online Jobs For Teenagers

As a teen, the traditional after-school jobs will have set hours, but working online presents job opportunities that allow you to work according to your schedule and still performing other duties at home.

You are free to work after school, in your spare time, or over weekends since the work schedules are flexible.

Even though it can be difficult for teens to find online jobs, there are still some wonderful opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Here are my preferred ways for teens to make money online.

Most of these jobs pay via PayPal. A parent can set up a PayPal Student Account for a child aged 13 or older.

The parent doesn’t need a PayPal account of their own, but having one makes the process easier.

1- Complete Online Surveys

Imagine if you could just share your opinion and make money online.

How great would it be to sit in front of your TV or listen to your favorite music, and make extra money just by voicing what you feel about products, services, and interesting topics?

As a teen, you can make money easily by taking online surveys, and this is one of the most favored online jobs for teenagers. Companies want to hear your opinion and get your feedback.

You won’t become rich in a couple of months as, like any other online jobs, the money builds slow. As you excel and become a member of several websites, you will get more and more surveys in your inbox and the money starts to flow.

Here are some of the best and legit websites that offer paid surveys.

Most of them will permit you to sign up as long as you are at least 13 years old. Note you must have your parents’ permission if you’re under 17.

Pinecone Research

Harris Poll

My Soap Box


One Opinion

Panel Station

Survey Savvy

Branded Surveys


Opinion Outpost


Springboard America

Valued Opinions

2- Earn Rewards And Cash Back

You may surf the internet for a variety of reasons, but how would you feel if this results in winning reward points or even cash back.

There are many websites that offer deals, coupons, promo codes, and cashback so, as a teen, it can be a significant source of side income.

You get a mix of different things such as search the web, redeem offers, answer surveys, watch videos, and several other things.

That is the reason they are very popular among teens and have grown fast over the last several years.

It’s now easier than ever to get cash back on virtually every online purchase you make.

However, the key is, the more you take part, the more money you build up.

You can use the rewards on various merchandise or gift cards. You can even send them to your PayPal account as cash.

Here is a list of some most popular reward sites you can begin using as a teen. Most will need you to be 13 years or up to sign-up.

Prize Rebel




Fusion Cash

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3- Be An Online Customer Service Rep

Gone are the days when customer service rep used to work from office.

Today there are many companies that prefer remote employees for this position. However, most of them hire people 18 years or older.


On researching, I found U-Haul, a company that believes there are many responsible high-school-age teens out there who can be fit for this job. For that reason, they’re willing to hire teens starting at age 16.

So, as a teen, this is definitely the one you must try. I believe it’s just not an extra money-making gig, but in the future can advance to a full-time career opportunity.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the website and start your journey.

4- Review Phone Calls

You must have heard several recorded messages when you call a company. To improve the quality of these messages, companies need to review them constantly.


One such company is Humanatic that hires teens to give feedback for the calls. The company uses your feedback to improve their services.

If you are 17 years old, you can sign up with the company. For every call you review and provide your opinion, Humanatic pays you. They make payment to your PayPal account.

The glorious thing is, you get to choose the hours you work, so the work schedule offers you complete flexibility.

5- Review Music

For teens who love music, Slice The Pie is a great way to make money online.

Slice The Pie

If you are 13 years old or up, you can sign up for the website. The company will provide you small clips of music and ask your opinion over it. You will listen to a clip and leave a review on the website. That’s how you earn.

You can also get to provide feedback on stuff like fashion accessories and even commercials.

Each review you submit earns you a few cents. The range can be from five cents to twenty cents and depends on complexity.

You may feel that’s not much. However, listening to the music and leaving the review would only take a minute or two.

Once you accumulate $10, Slice the Pie pays you into your PayPal account.


MusicXray is one more company that comes to my mind. It’s pretty much similar to Slice The Pie.

As a teen, you can listen to music, give your feedback, and make some money.

Payment can be anywhere from $0.05 to $0.20 for each song you review.

work on weekends

6- Become An Online Tutor

Online teaching jobs are great for teens who are good in a specific academic subject or hold powerful command over the native language.

Many companies hire online tutors. Some even recruit teens as young as fifteen or sixteen years old.


The company hires teens to teach English. You must be at least 16 years old and a native English speaker.

The company provides you the materials and also shares explicit instructions on how to give lessons.

As a tutor with SameSpeak, you can earn $10 for every half hour of work.


This company is like SameSpeak and helps people learn English conversation.

They hire online tutors, but the pay is not as good as what SameSpeak pays.

The minimum age requirement to work here is 18 years.

Want to know more about Online Teaching Jobs, go through this article.

7- Write Articles Online

If you enjoy writing, this is a great online job for teens. If you write well and can carry out some internet research, then you must write articles and earn money. Some sites that accept teenagers include:


Hubpages is a well-known website that accepts writers under the age of 18 years. The website works on a revenue-sharing model.

If you aren’t familiar with what revenue-share writing sites are, they are just extensive collections of user-submitted articles about anything and everything.

These sites don’t pay you directly for writing. Instead, you earn from the ads and affiliate links that appear on the articles you post.

Helium Network

If you are 13 years old and above, you can write articles and get paid.

8- Proofread Other People’s Work

If you have excellent at spotting grammatical errors, this is the position for you.

Many companies have strict guidelines for hiring proofreaders. However, some companies will allow you to do some proofreading work, even as a teen.

Some websites to check for the proofreading jobs are:




For more information read the article on Proofreading jobs.

9- Become A Voiceover Artist

How about being the invisible voice behind a commercial or cartoon? If this excites you, there are many online jobs for teenagers in the voice-over industry.

Many specialized companies hire voice-over artists, making you the voice of TV commercials, animated movies, and radio ads.

The great thing about these jobs is there is no age limit as you can even start working as a kid.

Some good websites to checkout are:




Get the complete list of companies from this detailed article on Voice-Over Jobs.

10- Be A YouTuber


Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? Many people make professional videos, post them on YouTube, and make a full time living from it.

As a teen, you can do that too, provided you put up a good show.

If you make a video that abides by YouTube guidelines, you get paid when the audience views your video.

You can make money by allowing ads or by endorsing products other people sell.

You can use TubeBuddy that enhances your productivity as a YouTuber, thus helping you earn more money.

Besides, you can also try other YouTube alternatives to make money as a teen.

11- Work As A Data Entry Clerk

A data entry clerk feeds numeric, alphabetic, or symbolic data into a spreadsheet or database program. If you’re lightning fast on the keyboard, you may enjoy this kind of work. To excel, you must be fast and accurate.

One good company to work for is:


Clickworker is always looking for people who can create, correct, and organize data.

The site mostly hires workers for online data entry transcription and online data entry jobs.

Hired freelancers typically earn $9-$10 per hour. To look through the site’s posted jobs, you must apply on their website and become a member.

For a more extensive list of Data Entry Jobs, read this article.

12- Website Testing Jobs


Testing is crucial as it lets the design team find any conflict in the user experience so they can address and rectify the issue before the final product goes live.

UserTesting.com offers you this kind of work to test websites, mobile apps, and provide feedback.

So you help businesses to have customer insight through moderated and unmoderated user testing.

That may sound technical, but for teens, there are simple jobs available too. Simple jobs can be to test a website if all the pages are functioning correctly.


Like UserTesting.com, Enroll is also a company that offers website and apps testing to its clients.

So you, as a tester, help companies make better choices about how they interact with their customers.

Your work can be simple feedback to companies as to which logo suits them better, give your opinion on what kind of page design you prefer, etc.

girl working on laptop

13- Sell Textbooks

As a teen, you may have a few textbooks lying around from junior classes. Even if you don’t have them, you can find some by hitting local garage sales, weekend markets, and thrift stores.

Once you have some books, you can sell them on some dedicated websites. One such website is BookScouter.


BookScouter helps people sell textbooks and other used books.

Here’s how you do it.

First, you find the ISBN of the book, which is a long number listed near the barcode. In most cases, you’ll locate it on the back of the book.

If you enter the number in the BookScouter’s search bar, the site populates a list of all the vendors from different websites that will buy your book.

Buyers offer the price for the book, and you can choose the one most profitable and convenient for you. The price range is between $1 to $2 or even higher.

Most sellers provide free shipping labels, and you can ship the book to them at no extra cost to you.

Once the buyer receives the book, they’ll deposit the amount into your Paypal account.

14- Sell Handmade Products

Back in school, you must have done some crafting work. If you enjoyed and are good at that, you can use it to make money selling them online.

Etsy is a fantastic site that allows teens to make money by selling their creations.

The list of things you could sell on Etsy is endless.


You must first start by identifying your talent and figure out what you’re good at creating. Ask yourself a few questions.

Are you good at drawing pictures?

Do you have a knack for making trendy or unique hand made jewelry?

Can you sue or knit?

Are you good at woodwork?

Can you design creative invitations for weddings or other events?

Whatever your talent is, you can craft your items and sell on Etsy. People view your items, buy them, and pay you via PayPal.

15- Sell Products Online


As a teen, you can sell almost anything on eBay, clothes, books, old toys, etc.

One way of doing it is to buy stuff from thrift stores and garage sales at a lower price and sell on eBay at a higher price keeping your markup.

You can also list your items for auctions where buyers bid to purchase them.

You must be 18 or older to make a seller account with eBay.


Similar to eBay, you can create a seller’s account with Amazon and start selling. However, the items here have to be of prime quality.

To be an Amazon seller is only worthy if you or some of your close friends and family members are the manufactures of the products. Only then you assure the best quality products to your customers.

Failing on that will guaranty no success as an Amazon seller.


Poshmark is another platform where you can sell stuff. The company doesn’t have a set minimum age as that varies according to each state’s legal policy. In the US, that ranges from 16 to 18 years.

Besides other stuff, you can also sell used clothing so it can be an excellent way for teens to earn good money.

With Poshmark, you can withdraw your earnings anytime you want. The company pays through direct deposit in your bank account, or you can request a paper check.

For all sales under $15, the company takes a flat commission of $2.95. However, for sales of $15 or more, you keep 80% of your sale while Poshmark’s fee is 20%.


Depop is a platform where you can set up an online storefront to sell clothing and other fashion accessories. It works the same way as Amazon or eBay.

You can create an account on Depop if you are 18 years or up. People buy your products, and the money goes to your PayPal account. Depop takes a 10% commission from each sale.

16- Create And Sell Your Designs Online

For those teens who have a creative flair, this online job can be a perfect fit.

You can create your designs and upload them to websites that further sell them by printing items like T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Mobile, Laptop or Pillow Covers, Home and decor items, etc.

You can sign up on these websites from age 13, but anyone aged 13 to 18 will need parental supervision.

Your earnings will be 5-10% of the sale price for each item you sell.

Some companies to look for these jobs are:



17- Be A Transcriber

If you’re a fast typist, you can transcribe audio and video into text. You’ll listen to recordings from a lecture or a meeting, and type what’s dictated.

Medical and legal transcription work pays the highest paying but needs expertise in the related field.

As a teen, you can look for general transcription work that won’t pay you much, but good enough to get some extra money going to your pocket.

You can get the general transcription work at Appen.


Here’s a post that rounds up some of the best online transcription jobs for beginners.

18- Sell Photos Online

If you love photography, you can make it to earn extra money. You can click beautiful pictures and upload them on websites. These websites use your pics commercially, and you will earn commissions.

Stock photographers are in high demand, and there’s no shortage of sites that will pay you for your pictures.

One company to check out is:


19- Be A Blogger

If writing is your passion, to be a Blogger should be your ultimate goal.

You can create your blog or write for others. If you’re writing about something you love, you’ll never feel you’re working.

Owning a blog is easy. You can start it for free with:


If you choose to start a blog on Blogger it’s helpful to read this.

20- Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn passive income. It can be a lucrative online job for teens.

You can embark on this career path remotely, or for a local company. The possibilities are endless.

A few companies to sign-up for are:



Get complete list of Affiliate Marketing companies in this article.

Be A Virtual Assistant

As a VA, you would handle simple works like posting on social media, fixing appointments, managing calls, or answering emails for your clients. The job description for a VA can vary according to the client’s requirements.

Some websites to look for VA positions are:




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Online Jobs For Teenagers – Useful Tips

If you have reached this point in the article, I am sure you would be excited to start your journey. Getting online jobs for teenagers is not easy. If you are lucky to get one, it’s essential to sustain and excel in it.

Here are some helpful tips you must follow:

1- Check Age Requirements Before Applying

Companies often change their age requirements for particular jobs. So, whenever you apply, check for age requirements to save you and the hiring company’s time.

2- Get A PayPal Account

Most of the companies that provide online jobs for teenagers pay via PayPal. So before you start your job hunt, have an account set up with PayPal.

3- Monitor Your Earnings

It’s always good to track and monitor the money you earn. That will help you access if it’s worth spending time on that job.

4- Maintain Work And Life Balance

As a teen, it could be tempting to earn cash and neglect school life. Remember, your primary goal as a teenager is to invest in yourself and improve your skills and knowledge to prepare for the future.

Therefore, always treat your online job as a side hustle, and don’t let it overcome your school and personal life.

It’s good to have fixed hours of work per day. If possible, only choose weekends to work. Most of the above jobs offer weekend opportunities to work.

5- Invest In Self Development

Never let all the hard-earned money slip away on new gadgets, entertainment, or clothes. Always save a part and invest in self devolvement to secure your future.

teen working

In Conclusion

Getting the first job as a teen is exciting and disappointing at the same time. When you start, it could be frustrating, but as you move on, you will love it.

So before you start with any of the above options, take a few minutes to think about your goals.

If you’re in college and know what exactly you want to achieve, like become a doctor, architect, or an engineer, then it makes little sense to invest time in starting online jobs. You’ll be better off focusing on your studies.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure what your career course looks like, online jobs of teens might be a smart thing to do.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these online jobs for teenagers and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!