By Being A Nike Product Tester, You Get Shoes For Free

If I say, you can get Nike shoes for free, won’t you be tempted to have them. You would doubt, is it really possible? My answer is yes, of course, it’s possible, by being a Nike product tester.

So, who are product testers?

Product testers are usually hired by marketing firms for companies launching new products. They are the ones who evaluate and provide feedback on items before they even hit the market.

The great advantage of being a product tester is to get to try out new stuff before anyone else and keep them with yourself when you’re done.

Most companies consider the product itself as compensation, but some firms may also offer a monetary reward.

Depending on the product, you can do testing at home, or the company may ask you to come to a location and participate in the testing program.

Today, I will share a product testing opportunity for one of the biggest athletic brands in the world, Nike.

Nike is one of the most popular sports brands. Millions of athletes, celebrities, and everyday people wear Nike sneakers and shoes.

If you are also a fan of Nike and would like to get Nike shoes for free, read on to learn how you can apply, get approved, and become a Nike product tester.

Before diving into the Nike product testing program, let’s discuss some of the principal concepts of product testing.

How Does Product Testing Work?

As I mentioned earlier, companies do product testing to get feedback from consumers so they can improve existing products and make better ones.

Most major brands, including shoe manufacturers like Adidas and Nike, have products testing in one form or another.

Over the past few years, product testing has come a long way. Intense competition has forced brands to give superior quality products to their customers. Product testing helps a great deal to achieve that.

As a product tester, the company can ask you to test the products remotely or on-site. That entirely depends on the product type and the company’s preferences.

1- Remote Product Testers

Remote testers work online. Companies send them the products to test, along with surveys or opinion forms. They give a time frame, and the testers will use the product and provide all the details in the survey forms.

Once the testing and feedback complete, testers submit it to the company’s website.

That completes the process of remote testing. The products remain with the testers, and they can enjoy the same for free.

Companies select remote testers via the online application process. Demographics and other factors play a significant role in the approval or rejection of applicants.

2- On-Site Product Testers

As the name suggests, the on-site testers have to test the products physically at testing facilities specified by the companies.

However, testing and reviewing the products remains the same.

Nike Product Tester

How Do I Become A Nike Product Tester?

To become a Nike product tester, you must apply online. The best thing is, you need no experience or qualifications to do so, provided you are an athlete or a common man with running or jogging habits.

The process is simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Go to Nike’s official product testing page and hit the “Apply” button.

Step 2:

Read the rules, pick your age group and submit your application.

As Nike has footwear and apparel for different age groups, they separate participants in three age groups.

Here are the age groups. Make sure you pick the right one for you.

Adults (18+ years old)

Minors (13-17 years old)

Parents applying for a Child (12 years or younger)

Step 3:

Get approved and start receiving test products for testing.

Overview Of Nike Product Tester Application Form

After you select your respective age group, they will present you with a detailed application form that has general identification questions like your location, age, and so on.

You will mention your favorite sports and sports activities, shopping habits of apparel and footwear, the sizes you wear, and styles you prefer in sports clothing.

So, it’s mainly the demographic information that they collect. That helps Nike to determine whether you are a good fit as a Nike product tester.

How Long It Takes To Be A Nike Product Tester?

Nike product testing focusses mainly on the new products that the company launches. There could be chances when there are no product launches for many weeks. If you apply during that period, you probably will not hear from them for a long time.

However, in general, it may take 4 to 5 weeks for the application to process. So be patient.

Besides, you may or may not be a suitable candidate for a particular program, but perfect for the next one.

Nike Product Tester

Now You are A Nike Product Tester. What Next?

All testers approved will get specific instructions, including deadlines, for every step.

Once Nike decides that you’re qualified, they will notify you by e-mail. You may expect the package via mail, which usually arrives within 7 to 10 business days.

Carefully go through all the instructions, so you’re aware of these details:

  • How long the testing period lasts.
  • You should wear shoes for how many hours, daily, weekly, and so on.
  • What activities you must perform for proper testing. (for example: run an hour a day)
  • How frequently you send in the feedback. For example, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • What is the mode to submit feedback form (mail survey form, visit a link to a page)?
  • Additional rules may be not posting photos of the product on social media.

To be a good Nike product tester, you must precisely follow all the instructions listed.

Remember, at the end of each year, Nike reviews the profiles of all its product testers and decides if your “performance” throughout the testing period is enough to have your status as product tester renewed or canceled.

Nike Product Testing Compensation

Nike product testing program is not one of those which believes in monetary compensation. However, as a Nike product tester, you will get free Nike shoes to test.

So, let’s say they need to test a new sneaker to see how it performs during one year time frame. They send you a pair; you wear it for one year, then send it back to their lab so they can analyze it.

This way, you got a pair of shoes for free for an entire year. You are one of those first ones who get to use Nike products, often even before they’re released in the market.

There are some cases where you don’t even have to send the products back. So you keep the stuff for as long as you can use.

Cool! Isn’t it?

Is Nike Product Testing For People Outside The U.S.?

Nike product testing program is usually available only in 6 countries, namely the United States, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Canada, and China. The company claims that it has recently extended it to 37 other countries. You can find the list of countries on their website.

The reason for this limit is simple. These are the countries where the company has enormous market shares. So, it makes sense for them to want to get feedback from customers in those countries.

But the good news is, if your country is not one of the accepted countries, you can always contact the company and ask to receive a link to an online application.

Nike Shoes

In Conclusion

You may not earn money as other online jobs, but you can’t deny that the Nike Product Testing program is a cool way to get free stuff while helping the brand to improve and develop innovative products.

Nike isn’t the only brand doing this. Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, and other sports brands have their respective product testing programs.

I think it’s an excellent opportunity to get free stuff while helping the community with cutting edge products.

So, if you are an athlete or know someone, it’s worth recommending.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to become a Nike Product Tester and share your experiences.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!