These 9 Websites Will Help You Get Voice Acting Jobs

Do you have a great voice and looking to make a career in voice acting?

You will get amazed to know, you can do voice acting from home and earn a lot of money.

This post puts across all the details that will help you start a career in voice acting. In the end, I will also list the best companies that offer voice over jobs from home.

Today, in this digital world we knowingly or unknowingly hear voice-overs throughout the day.

From the time we wake up and tune in to our favorite radio station till the night when we watch the TV to catch all the news for the day, we hear some form of voice-over content.

On the other side, for many people, it’s a flourishing career and they make a full-time income pursuing it.

With the dominance of digital media and entertainment these days, the voice-over industry is growing at a tremendous pace. It certainly has enormous growth potential and a dazzling future ahead. 

If this excites you, let’s know more about voice acting.

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What Is Voice Acting?

Voice-overs are audio contents that aim to enhance the quality of media, particularly a video or animation. The content gets created by a voice-over artist who typically remains off-stage or off-camera.
Although the audience can hear this audio content, but can’t see the voice-over artist in the final production.
The primary purpose of voice-over is to present the information interactively to enhance the visual experience.
Very common places to see voice overs are in animations, movies, documentaries, plays, TV shows, commercials, live events, and radio.
For the artist, it’s his profession and he gets paid for his services.
While the voice-over work is usually done outside the home, these days it’s not hard to find voice acting work that you can do from home.


jobs for voice overs

Types Of Voice Acting

There are different voice over jobs available in the market. As a voice artist mostly you will choose one or two areas of specialization, depending on your skills and the quality of your voice.
Here are some voice over types that the media and entertainment industry uses often.

1- Podcasts

Today many content creators are moving towards podcasts, which is nothing but the audio version of their written content. Although creators themselves produce the podcasts, some who are not good with their voices prefer a voice actor.

2- Educational Content

Online courses are in great demand, and lots of companies are getting into this field. As not all the content can be in text or images, they usually present the instructional content via videos, which require a voice-over.

3- Animation and TV

With this type, the voice-over artist becomes the voice of the animation character. It’s just like acting, however, the artist is not in front of the camera.

4- Advertisements

The same goes for the advertisements, the voice-over actor gives the voice to the actual on-screen actors.

5- Video Games

The era of caption-based narration is gone and taken over by voice-overs. Voice-over takes the gameplay experience to the next level, and more and more game developers are moving towards taking the services of voice over artists.

6- Telecommunication

Telecommunication companies often need a voice-over actor whenever they need to update their automated call receiving system. Usually, this happens when a new service or product gets launched.

7- GPS

You would know Karen Jacobsen, the GPS girl. She is the voice guiding us with a new route and direction on Google Maps. With new technologies like the text to speech, Alexa is also a hot favorite these days.

8- Corporate Presentations

Businesses often create corporate presentations to present information before a client. The voice-over artist becomes an impressive voice behind those presentations.


jobs for voice overs

What Can Voice Acting Pay?

Determining the average salary for a voice-over artist can be difficult. As with any other job, if you are more experienced and talented, you make higher wages. Your pay also depends upon the company you work for, the type of project you pick, and several other factors.

For example, you earn more if you work for a commercial or TV project than you may for selling voice talent on a site like Fiverr.

According to Payscale, the average earnings for voice-over actors is about $39 hourly.  Another study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says radio and television voice-over artists made an average salary of $33,220 in 2018 which comes out to be roughly $15.50 per hour.

According to, you can earn $100 for a 15 -second recording and $250 for a 30 or 60-second commercial. Audiobooks can bring about $3,000, but these are harder to produce.

So you see the voice-over industry has great potential and you can easily make a part-time or even full-time by having a carer as a voice-over artist.

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Skills Required For Voice Acting

It’s quite obvious, as a voice-over artist you must have a good voice. Since the work involved reading scripts with the right tone, you should also be able to read and speak well.

Depending on the project, you may be asked to read the scripts in different tones. For instance, if you work on a TV commercial for a product or service, you must sound genuinely excited and cheerful.

However, when you read the script for a public service message, you will convey the message in such a way that it creates an emotional impact on its listeners.

So, although it may seem like an easy job, it requires hard work, talent, patience, and dedication for a successful voice-over career.

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Equipment Required for Voice Acting

If you look doing voice over jobs from home and are just starting, you may need to invest some money getting basic equipment.

voice overs jobs


Initially, you need to create a demo for your profile. You must have several samples reading various scripts. So having the basic pieces of equipment is a must.

You must have high quality:

  • Microphones
  • Headphones 
  • Voice Recording Software

Voice Acting Jobs From Home

Now, since you have a basic understanding of voice over, let’s see the best websites that offer voice over jobs from home.

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1- comes first on my list as they are the industry leader and very popular with voice-over job seekers. With over 200,000 voice actors registered on the website, it surely is a vast resource to find voice-over gigs. is one the largest communities of talent, actors, producers, and narrators online and by being a member of this community, you’ll have access to the new voice over jobs posted daily.

All you need is to create an account online with basic information, and once you find a potential client, you can send in your audition.

To start with, you can sign up with a guest account for free. They also have premium accounts that make it easier to find more jobs and get hired.

The company uses Voice-Match technology that helps with matching the right talent to the right project, helping to cut down the hiring process time.

Depending on the project you work on, the pay can range from $100 to over $1,500. If you are bilingual, you can also apply for international jobs in various other languages.

2- Voice123 

Similar to, this company is one of the leading voice-over marketplaces. Voice123 is the top choice for professional voice actors and since 2003, they have completed over 250,000 projects.

The company matches the client’s requirements for your skills, so the mapping gets easier. To be on their panel, you must create a profile online with basic information.

They offer both free and paid memberships. Though a paid subscription has more benefits, you can get started with the free option.

The company offers voice over jobs worldwide and has a SmartCast algorithm that invites the best matching paid talents to auditions.

This company doesn’t take commission or agent fees and you get paid directly by the client.

3- VoiceBunny 

This is another voice-over platform that hires experienced voice-over artists. The company claims to be the fastest, efficient, and most reliable name in this industry.

They have thousands of clients all over the world with over 28,000 voice-over actors listed on their portal covering 50 languages. They constantly map the right artists to the right projects.

Quality and timely delivery is their priority and thus their application process is quite in-depth, and you need to pass a series of tests to get approved. Once approved, they will showcase your profile to prospective clients.

The unique thing about this company is that it allows you to have the freedom to set your rates, and there are no commission or subscription fees.

The company claims that the lowest rates for voice-over gigs are around $31 per gig.

4- Filmless 

Filmless is a rapidly growing company and constantly search for voice over talent, passionate to deliver high quality.

The company primarily hire freelancers from all over the world and have strict guidelines for the applicants. Currently, they are only hiring individuals with 5+ years of experience recording voice overs for videos.

This is a work from home job so you can work from any city, state, or country but to quality, you must have a demo reel or portfolio of voice work to showcase your skills and abilities.

The job description says having your studio is ideal, but not required. The website doesn’t have any payment information and I couldn’t find an estimate online.

I won’t recommend the site for beginners, but it’s worth a try for all the experienced voice over artists.

5- Snap Recordings 

Snap Recordings specialize in providing professional voice over services for telephone systems such as greetings, on-hold messages, voice prompts, and more.

They are a fast-growing company and right now claims to have over 100 professional voice-over artists registered with them.

Snap Recordings hires worldwide, and you must provide a demo reel before they consider you.

Unfortunately, they don’t have pay info listed on their website and I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

6- Bodalgo 

This company hires voice artists globally and has a huge voice-over talent base of over 8,000 people across 80 languages.

To be on their panel, you must register online, and once accepted you can go through the posted projects and send your demo samples with your rates.

If clients like your samples, they will contact you directly, and after mutual agreement, you can start the project. There are no commissions or subscriptions for registering.

7- The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm is one of the biggest networks of casting websites and always on the search for voice-over talent who can offer the best quality. They have over 5,000 registered voice-over artists.

You can apply online by filling the online form with all the basic details and submit it along with a demo. They will select voices based on experience, audio quality, and ability to follow directions.

Once submitted, it may take some time to hear from them as they have a waiting period. If you get through, they will contact you to publish your profile on the site and work for them.

8- The Voice Crew 

The company provides voice over services in various files like radio, TV, web demos, phone systems, and more. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start.

You can apply online, complete your profiles, and submit your voice demo. If approved, the company will market you to thousands of potential clients looking for voice-over artists.

There is no registration fee, and because of its huge client database, getting a job is a bit easier.

9- VoiceJockeys

VoiceJockeys is a virtual meeting place for voice over talent and people in need of their services. The company is always looking for talented voice-over artists to join their team.

You will work from home or office studio, provided you can meet the turnaround time, the client demands.

One big downside is, the company takes a 50% commission on all orders. I won’t recommend it to experienced voice-over artists, but consider it a good place to start for beginners.

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Other Places For Voice Acting Jobs

You may also use the website like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr to search for voice over jobs. Here you can find many voice-over jobs that businesses post to meet their requirements.

Though not all the gigs are high paying, they could be a great place to begin if you are just getting started with voice acting.

Another great resource to find legitimate voice-over jobs is FlexJobs. You can find hundreds of voice over jobs from all over the world and these are 100% legitimate.

Closing It

If you have a pleasant voice, it’s very common to receive compliments for it, but after reading this article you know you can even make a living from it. 

Though having a good voice will help but try to get proper training or a course before you hunt for voice over jobs online.

Keep in mind, getting a voice-over job is just like hunting any other freelance work. always realize, that freelance work of any kind can be a constant hustle, especially in the beginning.

You must show a lot of patience and consistency in applying for work. You must always possess a “not-giving up” attitude and soon you will see the flow of clients.

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That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to take voice acting as a career and share your feedback comments. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries! 
Best of luck!