Stay At Home Jobs For Moms – Good Reason To Stop By For This List

If you are looking for stay at home jobs for moms, you are at the right place.

Getting a work at home job for mom is easy, however, to get one that suits your personality, that’s legit, and makes good money, is difficult.

In this article, I have curated a list of jobs for moms who stay at home and categorized them based on temperament. So it’s easy to choose a perfect fit based on your disposition.

There are many work-at-home-jobs, but not all of them suit stay-at-home moms. As a mom, you want to spend as much time caring for your kids and don’t want to stay out for hours. That’s where you look for stay at home jobs for moms.

You need to earn a substantial income, good enough to support all the financial needs of your family.

Jobs with strict schedules and deadlines also won’t work as they will hinder your attention towards kids.
Above all, you look for jobs that suit your personality so you enjoy them and don’t get weary in the long run.
Keeping all these factors in mind, I have curated this list of the best stay at home jobs for moms. To make your choice easier, I have categorized them based on the general personality traits of moms.

So, hey moms! pick the job that suits your personality and enjoy it.

Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Are Social Butterfly

1- Social Media Consultant

Today, even small and new brands see the importance of social media presence to increase their brand awareness. Managing social media is much more complex than just having a Facebook page and companies look for expert social media managers for this purpose.

So, businesses hire social media managers to run their social media pages and help them establish their brands online.

As a social media manager, your job is to create regular and enticing posts that engage fans and consumers to enhance brand authority.

The job requires you to create online profiles, post pictures on Instagram, curate collections on Pinterest, and respond to questions on Twitter. You will also run social media campaigns and paid Ads.

So, if you are a social media savvy mom and then you will love this job as it suits your interest and offers you a flexible regime and good money.

You can get these jobs here: Mashable, Appen, $99 Social

2- Online Customer Service Agent

If you are a people person, then what better than addressing people’s concerns over the phone. With intense competition among the brands, almost all provide 24-hour support to their customers.
The good thing is that more and more companies are moving towards hiring work-from-home customer service representatives.
Most of them offer flexible timing and you can decide your working hours. This is great for stay-at-home moms as it allows you the ability to work overnight when your kids are sleeping or during the day when they’re at school.

You also have the choice to work part-time or full-time, giving you the flexibility you need and most of them pay you a good salary.

3- Chat Agent

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer to take calls, then operating as a chat agent can be a good alternative. Similar to the customer service agents, the chat agents handle customer queries over chat.

Many leading brands are shifting their customer service towards the chatting platform and even customers are convenient with it. 
With so many big businesses having an online presence, there is a constant need for chat agents.

Many websites offer chat agents opportunities like Needle, Liveworld, The Chat Shop, etc.

4- Start A Home Daycare

If you are a social bird, chances are you love kids. So, why not start a daycare where you get paid for staying home, take care of your kids, and enjoy the company of many other kids?

With the exorbitant cost of childcare, there are many working parents seeking a budget-friendly and trustworthy alternative.

You can have your website and promote it on social media to get the business. You can even tell your friends about it, and they won’t mind using your services.

Moreover, if you can’t invest in the setup, you can also look for jobs on these websites,,, Childcare Center.

5- Pet Sitting

There is every chance that if you are caring, you love pets. Extending this to a job is a good idea.

People always need someone to care for their pets when they’re away from home. If you’re looking for an easy work-from-home job, you can start with this instantly with little or no investment.

The best thing is your kids and pets will enjoy the company of these lovely pets.

You can even choose and specialize in a particular service like dog walking or boarding services, cat feeding, litter box changing, etc. It’s up to you to decide what services you provide and to what kinds of animals.

The other great thing about this stay-at-home-mom job is, you’ll not only earn good money but also teach your kids how to care for pets and how to grow it as a business at the same time.

You can have your website to promote your services on social media or use a website like to find clients.

Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Have A Creative Persona

6- Photographer

We all know photographers are always in high demand. Professional photographers get hired for every special occasion like weddings, portraits, maternity, etc, and get paid well.

You can have your website to showcase your portfolio and promote it locally with social media or by any other means.

Even if you don’t wish to be a professional photographer, taking stock images is another way to earn money. You can take beautiful pictures of whatever you love and that too on the go.

Stock images are in high demand for websites, blogs, and online publications. Publishing your pictures on the stock images website can earn you a good income while it also satisfies your love for photography.

A few such websites are: Alamy, Shutterstock, Getty Images

7- Painting

Similar to photography, painting is another way to earn as the stay at home mom.

You can sell your paintings at nearby auctions or art galleries and even on places like Amazon and Etsy.

8- Homemade Crafts

I am sure, if you are a creative person, then surely you would have crafted many items during your school days. So, why not make it a profession?

The best thing is you need little investment and sell them on your website or places like Etsy and Amazon.

You can create products that people would be interested to buy. This can be a very lucrative work from the home business opportunity for stay at home moms.

The categories of items that are the most popular include home decor, jewelry, clothing, toys, craft supplies, and kids/babies.

A few other websites are Artfire, Cargoh.

9- Graphic And Website Design

Needless to say, if you are creative, you must have an eye for design and color. You can put this art into web or graphic design. You can design iconic logos, website templates, and pages.

While the job offers flexibility, it can also give you good earnings. You can set your rates and choose what clients you want to have.

Websites like Fiverr and UpWork are full of these gigs. Besides, you can have your own online business, selling these services.

10- Interior Designer

If you have an interest in designing and decorating houses, then this is a perfect stay at home job for you.

To promote your business, you must have a website.

Initially, to have a portfolio, you can work on some free assignments for your friends and family, post quality photos of your work on your website, and create a beautiful visualization of your work.

After that, once you do some website promotion, you will start getting paid assignments.

11- Fashion Designer

If you have a knack for design, I am sure, with some training or a course, you can be a good fashion designer and earn plenty.

Similar to interior designing, you must have a website, create a portfolio, do some promotion, and start your career in fashion designing.

moms with kid

Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Have Business Acumen

12- Rent Out Baby Gear

Every mother will have one thing for sure, baby gears, but very few would know that they can make money renting them out to families on vacation.

Usually, families with kids do not carry heavy, bulky, and unfoldable baby gears when they are out on vacation, but they for sure need baby gears like cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, and swings. 

You can rent your spare baby gears to these families.

Websites like Babyquip, Baby’s Away, goBaby offer these services where you can create an account, set up your price, choose the delivery location, and rent your gears to earn good money.

13- Flip Used And Old Items

If you are a master bargainer, flipping items from thrift stores or a flea market is a great way to earn extra income.

You can buy cool items at low prices and then paint, stain, or fix them up and sell them as new on sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

14- Airbnb Rental

Airbnb is a great way to make money by renting your spare rooms to Airbnb customers.

If you have a spare room and are comfortable, you can turn it into an Airbnb rental. Your guests will pay to stay there, and you’ll get extra income from a room you aren’t using.

This way of earning is especially for those living in a place where tourists visit the most, like a major city or a resort town.

You can also charge more during big weekends or holidays. You can even extend your services by offering taxi or tourist guide facilities.

15- Laundry Service

As a mother and a housewife, you already do laundry for your house. So, if you have a washer, dryer, and iron, you can turn them into money-making machines.

No special skills are required, and you can do it while the kids are at school or even awake. Cool! Isn’t it?

16- Sell Your Creations

Selling homemade crafts like quilts, picture frames, T-shirts, and jewelry is a lucrative way to make money for stay at home moms.

If you are good with any craft making and love to crochet, knit or bead, or anything, you can sell your creations on Etsy.

Other than Etsy, there are several places to sell your crafts like Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace.

You control everything from inventory to list price to how many hours you spend working.

If you don’t want to manage any inventory or delivery, you can use a dropshipping site like Shopify to host your store and send products to your customers.

The same can also be done by becoming an Amazon FBA.

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17- Local Business Marketing

Several local businesses don’t have a good marketing strategy and mostly rely on word of mouth to market them.

If you are business-minded, you can help these businesses have a good marketing strategy in place, especially with the help of social media.

You may need to invest a little in yourself to take up a course or coaching before getting into this field.

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Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love Teaching

18- ESL Tutor

ESL (English as a second language) tutors are high in demand in countries like China, which are non-English speaking.

More and more parents want their children to read, write, and speak English as it becomes an invaluable asset in industries based in the U.S. or that are global.

There are plenty of websites like italki, Lingoda, VIPKID which offer these types of jobs.

19- Subject-Specific Tutor

Online tutoring is growing at a great pace, thanks to the advancements in technology, and it’s an excellent way to make money for stay at home moms who have teaching experience or a good knowledge of a specific subject.

You can choose what times work best for you.

There are many websites like, Chegg Tutors, TutorMe that offer these jobs and many don’t even require work experience.

20- Test Scoring

Many educational institutions look for teachers to help them with grading their students.

If you are an experienced teacher, you can look for this opportunity to earn money from home.

Websites like Write Score and Literably, hire remote teachers to help highlight student writing and reading errors and then grade them accordingly.

stay at home jobs for moms

Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Are Excellent Writer

21- Freelance Writer

If you are a great writer, freelance writing is a great way to earn money working from home. Whatever your niche is, there are tons of jobs available.

However, the key is to create original, creative, and informative content. The more versatile you are with the content you write, the more is money.

If you’re just beginning, it’s best to narrow down your niche and stick with specific topics. Three are opportunities available with many blogs, content websites, online publications, and more.

Websites like Wizzley, Contena, Freelance Writing Jobs specialize in providing these jobs.

22- Proofreader

If you are a good writer, you automatically qualify to become a proofreader. Many content websites, blogs, online publications need other writers to help them out with proofreading their content.

All you need to do is spot misspelled words and mistakes in grammar and punctuation. So, as a proofreader, you will be the last set of eyes on a project, ready to go live.

23- Blogger

Blogging is one of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms. While with freelance writing you write for others, but as a blogger, you write for yourself.

By starting a blog of your own, you control how much work you do and what kind of content you create.

You can write about what you’re passionate or knowledgeable about including cooking, travel, personal finance, parenting, technology, and many more.

However, it’s essential to create useful, helpful, and well-written content, and post as regularly as possible.

Blogging isn’t easy to start with, but as you grow to be a pro, the earning potential is huge.

You can earn money on your blog through affiliate marketing, display advertising, and sponsored posts or ads, and more.

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stay at home jobs for moms

Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Are Multilingual

24- Transcriptionist

As a transcriptionist, you will be responsible to convert audio files to text. You listen to the audio and then type up what is being said.

The only requirement is to have excellent typing speed.

Mostly the transcription is done in English but there are opportunities in other languages as well. So if you know more languages, it’s an added advantage.

Some websites to sign up for are, TranscribeMe, Capital Typing, CastingWords, GMR Transcription, and more.

25- Translator

If you are proficient in a second language, becoming a translator is an option you should consider.

Not only this job pays more because of your unique skills, but it will also help you to maintain and improve your language skills.

There are job opportunities in a wide variety of languages and industries, and the work is flexible.

Some websites to look for are Gengo, Unbabel, ProZ.

26- Writing Captions

Similar to translation, captioning jobs involve writing subtitles for videos. Because of the global demands, more and more companies are moving towards captioning their videos.

You not only get the captioning services in English but also in other languages.

Most of the websites that offer transcription and translation jobs also offer captioning opportunities.

stay at home jobs for moms

Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love Shopping

27- Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a great way to earn extra income for work from home moms. This is a super flexible job and is in high demand.

Many big companies need real consumers to walk into a store and see how their products get displayed on the shelf. So as a mystery shopper you visit these stores, restaurants, etc like a real customer and provide honest feedback to your employer.

The other great thing about these jobs is you can even do it from home over the phone. Many mystery shopping companies offer online mystery shopping gigs.

Though your earning will not be huge, the work is very flexible. It’s one of those many extra income opportunities, so do not expect to make a full-time income from this.

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Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Love Travelling

28- Travel Agent

If you love to travel and have a lot of experience doing so, becoming a travel agent can be a great option for you.

As a travel agent, you will arrange vacations and travel for other travelers, find them the best deals, and advice on the best destinations.

You can start your own travel company or work for an agency.

Some agencies that will help you get set up as a travel agent, are Travel Planners International, Nexion, Avoya Travel, and Outside Agents.

29- House Sitter

If you are a frequent traveler, you must consider this option. As a house sitter, you are responsible to take care of the owner’s house and pets when they are away.

In return, you will get a free stay at their place, so you save money on your accommodation.

If you are not keen on free lodging, many of these jobs also offer payment for your services.

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stay at home jobs for moms

Stay At Home Jobs For Moms Who Care For Lifestyle

30- Life Coach

If you love helping people live their best lives by personal development, encouraging them to push themselves forward, keep them have a positive and can-do attitude, this can be the best job for you.

You may require professional training to get started, but I am sure you won’t regret doing it as it results in your self-improvement and a huge source of side income.

You can have your center or can work for an agency.

31- Health Coach

This is perfect for those moms who are health and wellness experts. Health coaching is turning into a massive industry as more and more people want to get fit and healthy, but they aren’t sure where to start.

This is where health coaches come in to motivate and encourage people to improve in this area.

There are various types of health coaches like a Yoga instructor, Gym instructor, diet experts, etc.

You can be any one of these and set up your own company or can work for an agency.

stay at home jobs for moms

A Few More Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

32- Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper, you will be responsible for a company’s financial accounts. You will create financial statements and record all income and costs that the company is generating.

This job is ideal for those moms who are highly organized and have a good eye for details and spotting numerical mistakes.

You must have a financial background and preferably a corresponding degree.

33- Virtual Assistant

If you are looking for an administrative job that doesn’t require you to go into an office, becoming a virtual assistant could be a great fit.

A few examples of work include data entry, organizing records, email management, social media management, scheduling work, answering phone calls, making appointments, managing diaries, organizing files, etc.

Some websites to look for are Fancy Hands, Red Butler, Persist, Assistant Match.

34- Data Entry

Data Entry can be a great work-at-home option for moms as the work is purely online. Keep in mind that data entry jobs cannot give you a full-time income but can be an excellent extra income stream.

You must have excellent typing speed to qualify for these jobs.

The companies that provide data entry roles are Quicktate, SpeakWrite, DionData, Sigtrack, and many more.

35- Search Engine Evaluator

If you can find information online and know the general ins and outs of how web searches work, you can find a rewarding career as a search engine evaluator.

You’ll be testing search engine results for relevance to a search query and evaluate the results for that search term from a specific search engine, like Google or Bing.

Many companies offer roles in this area which are Lionbridge and Appen

You can apply online, and most of these companies have an assessment test before you get hired.

stay at home jobs for moms

Where Can You Find Stay At Home Jobs For Moms?

I have mentioned the best sites under each job type but is you are not lucky to find suitable jobs there, you can look for:

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Freelancers Sites

Freelance jobs websites like Upwork, FlexJobs, and Fiverr offer an easy platform to find work-at-home jobs. Each site has its requirements, so make sure you read each one carefully to see if it’s a good fit for what you’re looking for.

Register With App / Agency

Signing up with sites like Rover or is an excellent way to find jobs suitable and relevant to your profile. All you need to set up your profile and people will find you.

How Much Money Can A Stay-at-Home Mom Earn?

There is no fixed amount that I can mention here as it depends on the type of jobs, how do you price your services, how much you work, and what are your offerings.

The important thing is your goals and how hard you’re willing to work to reach them.

One thing for sure, as a stay-at-home mom, you can earn money even if you don’t prefer office jobs. You can have your own business or go for online jobs.

Instant results and earnings may not be seen but keep your patience. You must keep up the hard work and sooner you will see a successful business around you. If you go the other way, there is no shortage of legitimate work-at-home jobs for moms.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these stay at home jobs for moms and share your feedback comments. 

 If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries! 
Best of luck!

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