Jobs For Transcribers – The Only 40 Places You’ll Ever Need

Jobs for transcribers are an excellent way to make money from home, as the benefits are endless.

Whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time transcription jobs, they will be an immeasurable option to make extra income.

Several companies offer transcriptionist jobs, and this article helps you to find the right work-from-home opportunity.

By the end of the article, you will be able to identify the best companies to look for jobs, the earning potential, and the requirements to get a transcription job.

What Exactly Are The Jobs For Transcribers

Transcription work is a sort of data entry where you convert video or audio files into text format.

Your client sends you the media files via digital means. These files can be recordings from lectures, conference calls, podcasts, etc.

You will play the files on your computer and type what you listen to. The companies may have their recommended software to help you play the files and transcribe. When you finish transcribing, you will send the text version files to your client.

There are three major categories of transcription work: legal, medical, and general.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the term legal and medical, you don’t need any related degree or a course to transcribe.

However, legal and medical transcriptions require specialized training. You must have a solid understanding of the vocabulary used in both fields.

Requirements Of The Jobs For Transcribers

The requirements for the jobs for transcribers may vary between transcription companies. Each company has its style guide, and you must adhere to all the instructions and directions provided.

However, the standard requirements for the transcriber’s role include.

  • Accurate and fast typing
  • Keen ears to understand and interpret what is being said on the files
  • The ability to sit and type for long hours
  • A quality headset
  • A computer with high-speed internet access
  • Specialized transcription software
  • A foot-pedal
  • A quiet work-space

Initially, if you are on a budget, you can avoid the foot-pedal, but after you earn a few bucks, you must get it to enhance your productivity.

Most companies provide you with specialized software to help you transcribe. If not, the one that gets widely used is Express Scribe. You can download it free of cost.

It works with both a keyboard and a foot pedal. Express Scribe also provides practice files to test and enhance your typing speed.

Training Requirements For Transcribers

The general form of transcription involves files from conferences, podcasts, or common videos, and rarely requires training.

However, legal and medical jobs for transcribers do require special training to make you familiar with the terminology used in these fields.

While legal transcription relies on experience, medical transcription usually requires an AHDI-approved certificate (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity).

CareerStep is my go-to recommendation for medical transcription training. It’s AHDI-approved and allows you to complete certification at your pace. The company also claims to help with job placement.

I also suggest TranscribeAnywhere for training on both general and legal transcription. Their course includes practice material, training, templates, contracts, and more. The company has a private Facebook Group that you can join to get help on any topic.

How Much Can You Earn In A Transcribers’ Jobs?

As a transcriber, how much you earn depends on your experience, where you find the work, and how efficient you are at your job.

Usually, you get paid by the length of the audio you transcribe. So the faster you type (without errors), the more you earn.

You may earn anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour, depending on the type of transcription you do and the company you work for. Legal and medical transcription pay a lot more than general transcription.

As a beginner, you may not find high-paying transcription jobs, but as you grow in the career, expect more formidable payouts.

Since you enjoy flexible schedules, you can decide how much you want to work and that decides your earnings too.

jobs for transcribers

The Best Companies Providing Jobs For Transcribers

Though dozens of companies offer jobs for transcribers, only a few are legit, trusted, and offer the compensation you deserve for the hard work you put in.

Many websites offer pennies. I have weeded those only to pick the best ones for you.

If you put in the right efforts and have the correct approach, you can surely make $500 – $1000 per month as a transcriptionist.

1- SpeakWrite 

SpeakWrite hires remote transcriptionists with experience in legal, general, and Spanish transcription.

To apply, you must have a minimum speed of 60 words per minute with 90% accuracy and also pass a typing test.

You must be a resident of the US or Canada and possess a powerful command of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

For legal applicants, a minimum of one year of work experience is a must in a law firm. General applicants must have one year or more of transcription and word processing experience in an office environment.

The company claims the average earnings of transcriptionists is $450+ per month, with top earners exceeding $3,400. They make payments twice per month by direct deposit or check.

2- Speechpad

With Speechpad, though prior experience is not a must, they are very selective in choosing their transcribers.

If you are not fluent in English and don’t have good grammar, you will probably struggle with completing the jobs.

To qualify, you must go through the application process that includes a test of transcription and grammar. You should be able to type at least 40 words per minute.

There is no need for any external transcription software, as most of the jobs will get performed inside their transcription consoles.

You can expect to earn between $0.25 to $2.50 per audio minute. Besides, you receive bonuses for jobs that get highly rated by the customers. Transcribers get paid every Tuesday and Friday through Paypal.

3- 1-888-Type-It-Up 

The company offers higher pay rates than its competitors. You can make $30 to $180 per audio hour. They pay you twice a month via PayPal, on the 15th and last day of the month.

The company accepts non-US applicants too. To qualify, you must pass an entrance exam. There is a one-time non-refundable entrance exam fee of $39.

The company believes the exam fees will cut the non-serious applicants, so you’ll have less competition.

Work experience is not a must, but they stress passing the test. They rely more on accuracy, formatting, and reliability (AFR concept).

4- Daily Transcription 

With Daily Transcription, prior work experience is not a must. The company encourages beginners to join, provided they commit to perfection and details.

Currently, they offer transcription jobs only to US and Canadian residents.

You must have a typing speed of at least 50 wpm, excellent listening skills, a strong mastery of English, and the ability to meet strict deadlines.

To apply, you must upload your resume and fill the application form. After you pass a Skills Assessment Test, you will receive a link to a transcription test. There is no cost to apply.

Daily Transcription pays between $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute. Their top performers can make $250–$950 per week. They make weekly payments by check.

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5- TranscribeMe 

TranscribeMe doesn’t require work experience. However, you must take an exam to prove your accuracy with transcribing.

Once you pass the test, you’ll start receiving short audio files to transcribe. When you complete one assignment, their system sends another micro-task to transcribe.

Earnings start at $15-$22 per audio hour. Top monthly earnings reach $2,200 (average monthly earnings are $250).

Transcriptionists with specialized backgrounds in medical and legal get paid a higher rate.

You can request payment anytime and receive money via PayPal.

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6- Casting Words

Casting Words hires freelancers from the US, Canada, and a long list of other countries. Signing up free and pretty simple. Based on your profile, a qualifying test may be required.

Once you get approved, you will see jobs in the dashboard. Working for Casting Words, you will get paid $0.085 to over $1 per audio minute.

Pay varies based on a few factors like the job type, your level, and the grade you receive for the work. The higher the grade for accuracy, the more the payment. The company pays weekly by PayPal.

7- Tigerfish 

If you are a quick typist with a keen ear and a strong sense of written English, transcribing for Tigerfish can be a good way to earn money.

They do not rely on experience but demand the highest quality of work from their transcribers.

To transcribe for Tigerfish, you must be a US citizen. They accept applications and inquiries for transcription jobs via email only. You must also pass three five-minute tests to qualify.

Each test should take you about 20 minutes to complete. If you go over the 20-minute mark, you may not qualify. The pay is approximately $0.005 per word.

8- 3Play Media 

To work for 3Play Media, you must be a US resident. Besides, you must possess an excellent command of English usage, grammar, punctuation, and typing ability of at least 75 wpm.

They also hire editors to correct imperfect transcription using their proprietary internet-based software application. As a contract transcriptionist/editor, you decide which projects to accept.

You must pass a series of proficiency tests to show your transcription skills before being engaged as a contract.

The earnings can vary from $10 to $30 per hour, depending on your efficiency.

9- GMR Transcription 

GMR Transcription offers positions for general and medical transcription. Work experience is not a must, but you must pass a strict transcription test.

To apply for jobs, you must submit your resume first. Once you do that, they will email you the test with the required instructions.

The company claims to provide valuable feedback to transcriptionists so they can continue to grow in terms of knowledge, experience, and proficiency.

Transcriptionists earn between $1000 to $3000 per month, depending on their skills and the work they take.

10- Gotranscript 

GoTranscript is UK-based but offers jobs worldwide. New transcribing jobs are posted every day, so you always have a steady stream of projects.

One thing that separates GoTranscript from other companies is they don’t demand fast typing skills. They give 6 hours to transcribe 10 minutes audio or video file. So if you are a slow typist, you can still qualify.

You don’t need any previous experience, but to be on their panel you must pass a transcription test.

You can make up to $0.60 per audio minute. The average earning for the site is $150 per month. The top-performing transcriptionist can even make around $1,600+ per month. They do payments via PayPal & Pioneer every Friday.

11- Rev

Getting started with Rev is pretty simple. All you need is to sign up, take a grammar quiz, and submit a transcript sample to show your English language and grammar skills. If you’re approved, you can start working right away.

Transcriptionists don’t need any prior experience or any special qualifications. You must have strong English language skills and be able to transcribe without errors.

The website has its web-based transcription editor, so no additional software is required.

Average earnings on Rev can be $245 per month. Some top transcriptionists even make around $1,495 monthly. You will receive a weekly payment via PayPal.

jobs for transcribers

12- Quicktate and iDictate

Both companies operate under the same umbrella. With Quicktate, you can transcribe letters, memos, voicemails, legal notes, medical reports, and other short audio files. Quicktate files will be less than 5 minutes.

iDictate is for audio files longer than 5 minutes like lectures, sermons, conference calls, YouTube videos, and more.

To apply for jobs, you don’t need separate registrations. Though the enrollment is free, they charge a $20 fee for the background check.

Once you pass the screening process, your account gets activated. The pay varies between $0.0025 and $0.005 per word, and they make payments via PayPal.

13- Scribie 

Scribie is excellent for beginners. You don’t need experience but need to go through a testing process. Once certified, you will mostly work on small files.

For entry-level roles, they provide an automated transcript with each file. The automated transcript is machine-generated with 60% to 90% accuracy.

You must correct the file before submitting it. For beginners, this is great as it saves 50% of the typing effort.

Working for Scribie, you can earn $5–$25 per audio hour. Small monthly bonuses are also rewarded ($5 for every 3 hours completed). You can withdraw earnings to your PayPal account.

Besides a transcriber, you can be a reviewer, quality analyst, and proofreader. By taking these additional responsibilities can earn you around $700 to $1000 per month.

14- Athreon

Athreon offers medical and general transcription work for entry as well as mid-level roles. To qualify, you must be a graduate or GED recipient with transcription training.

The company declares that because of the sensitive nature of the work, all transcriptionists must undergo a background check.

The compensation depends on productivity, so the more proficient you are, the more money you will earn. An average transcriber can earn up to $350 to $500 per month. They pay weekly by PayPal.

15- Appenscribe

The company hires beginners, and the application process is pretty straightforward. All you need is to fill up your details online and take a few assessment tests to show your accuracy.

They hire worldwide and are a perfect choice for entry-level transcription jobs. The company pays around $0.005 per word.

16- Birchcreek Communications

The company pays $0.40 to $1.25 per audio minute. All you need is a telephone line, headphones and a computer to get started.

You get to transcribe different audio and video files like meeting notes, interviews, etc.

17- Way With Words

The company hires experienced transcribers from all over the world for legal, general, and medical transcription work.

They pay $0.40 per audio for entry-level transcription jobs. You can apply online through their website.

18- Aberdeen 

Aberdeen hires work-at-home freelancers for transcribing video clips. You must have excellent English grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills.

The pay is around $1 per audio minute. You can email your resume, and if it’s selected you must pass a transcriber’s test.

The companies listed in the next section are all reputed and trusted. However, they haven’t published any pay rates about the jobs for transcribers.

19- CrowdSurf 

CrowdSurf offers transcription work that involves small files. You can do these assignments at your convenience.

To sign up, you must create a profile and take an assessment. They require no experience, and there is no mandatory typing speed.

20- Babbletype 

Babbletype hires transcriptionists that are native English speakers. You can sign up, take an assessment, and start performing simple transcription jobs.

Your work schedule is flexible. It’s up to you to decide how much work you want to complete.

21- Voxtab 

Voxtab offers several transcription services including legal, medical, academic, business, sermons, videos, podcasts, finance, and more.

Their website doesn’t provide many details about the job opportunities and the pay rates, but you can apply and submit a resume through their website.

22- Ubiqus 

Ubiqus hires transcriptionists that are US and Canadian residents. They prefer 1-5 year’s experience, but they also consider beginners with relevant certifications.

They have work available for legal, medical, and general transcription.

23- Verbal Ink 

Verbal Ink is a subdivision of Ubiqus.

There are not many details about the jobs on their website, but they are a reputed and trusted name in the industry.

24- BAM

BAM! Transcription is California-based but provides opportunities worldwide. They deal with the general transcription and entertainment industry.

Their website doesn’t provide information about working for them, but there is a contact form that you can use to apply.

25- Alice Darling

Alice Darling offers audio and video transcription services and demands a typing speed of 75 words-per-minute.

They also prefer work experience in transcription and word processing.

26- AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is another trusted company that hires transcriptionists. Currently, they are not hiring, but the hiring process may start soon.

27- Transcriptions N Translations

TNT’s transcription services mainly focus on the entertainment industry. Their website doesn’t include much information about working for them, but there is a form to apply.

28- Transcript Divas

To work for this company, you don’t need any work experience but must have a good typing speed to pass the assignment test. To apply you must apply online through their website.

29- Pacific Transcription 

The company hires for general, legal, and medical transcription jobs. You need to have a minimum of 60 wpm typing speed. They hire worldwide but only experienced transcriptionists. You can apply online through their website.

30- Focus Forward 

This company hires globally, and to qualify there is a 10-minute transcription test. Once you pass, you will transcribe TV logging, focus groups, etc.

31- Terescription

This company focuses only on the entertainment industry and hires US residents. You must register online through their website and download a sample to test for accuracy, grammar, and English skills.

32- Hollywood Transcriptions 

Don’t get confused by the name. With this company, you will get the range including legal, general, entertainment, finance, academics, and corporate transcription. They require a minimum typing speed of 65 wpm.

You can either apply online or send your resume to [email protected].

33- Net Transcripts 

This company has online transcription jobs for legal services. You must have previous experience in the law industry. The minimum typing speed required is 70 wpm. They will do an assessment and background verification before they hire you.

34- Pioneer Transcription Services 

The company hires general and legal transcribers with relevant experience. You need to have good English, grammar, and punctuation skills. You can fill up their online form to apply.

35- American High Tech Transcription 

This company hires independent contractors for general transcribing jobs. They only hire from the US and do a background check before recruiting.

To apply, you can send your resume through email to [email protected].

36- Allegis 

Allegis only hires from the US and accepts both entry-level and experienced transcriptionists. They primarily focus on Insurance projects. You must have a minimum of 75 wpm typing speed with excellent spelling and grammar skills.

You can apply online through their website and once recruited, you go through a training program.

With Same Day Transcription, you can have interviews and market research transcriptions. They only hire experienced transcribers from the US.

If your typing skills are excellent, you can apply for the transcriber jobs online on their website.

38- M*Modal 

The company offers medical transcription jobs. They only hire experienced and certified transcribers in healthcare. You can apply online through their website and pass the transcription test.

39- CyberDictate

The company looks for 3 years of legal experience and hires US residents.

Qualified candidates must have availability during regular business hours and have a minimum typing speed of 85 words per minute.

40- Cambridge Transcriptions

This company requires at least one year of experience in legal or corporate transcription. Besides, you must have a strong command of the English language and grammar.

jobs for transcribers

Jobs For Transcribers – Are These For You

If you are serious about jobs for transcribers, the first thing you should understand, it’s not meant for everyone. With thousands of aspiring transcribers, only a few excel to make it an immeasurable side income. So, think twice before you start.

The above-linked companies are the best to find jobs for transcribers for both beginner and intermediate levels.

I will suggest joining at least four of these as this ensures a continuous workflow, and you will never run out of transcription work.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these jobs for transcribers and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!