25 Legit Websites To Find Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

Work from home data entry jobs is a brilliant choice for people who want to make some easy money online.

The remarkable thing about home-based data entry jobs is they offer flexible work schedules and require little training, higher education, or professional background.

As there are few entry barriers, online data entry jobs have become a popular favorite for people who aren’t sure where to start work from home career.

Though there are plenty of opportunities available for data entry clerks, a lot of them are scams.

So, to make your search easier, I have researched and curated the list of 25 legit and trusted companies offering data entry jobs from home.

Besides, I have also covered the jobs’ requirements, earning potential, and tips to stay away from the scammers.

25 Legitimate Data Entry Jobs From Home

Not all online data entry jobs are worth your time. Many of them pay you just a few pennies, and many are scams. So make sure you pick the right ones.

The companies listed below offer legitimate home-based data entry jobs. For most of these positions, you get hired as independent contractors rather than salaried employees.

1- SmartCrowd

The Smart Crowd is a trusted company providing a pool of micro-tasks, many of which revolve around data entry.

If you meet their eligibility requirements, they accept your application. After that, you need to log in whenever you feel like and start working on data entry projects. The company pays you weekly by check. The minimum withdrawal limit is $30.

2- SmartLocating

Smart Locating is another place to find legitimate data entry jobs. To apply, you must be at least 18 years old.

As a data entry clerk, you gathering information on apartments across the country and upload the report to their database.

3- Xerox 

Xerox is a well-known company that hires data entry clerks and verification agents. According to SimilarWeb, about 2 million people come here to find data entry jobs.

You can directly apply for any new data entry job opening. The openings don’t get posted routinely, so I advise you to check their careers page regularly.

4- SigTrack

SigTrack hires remote workers to do simple tasks like checking signatures on petitions against the names on voter registration rolls.

To apply, you must be a US resident and must be at least 18 years old. The company conducts a brief video interview to verify your identity. Besides, you need dual monitors so you can view signatures and voter registrations simultaneously.


TDEC regularly hires work-at-home data entry agents and uses E-Verify to validate the work eligibility of candidates.

All you need is broadband Internet access and a reliable computer to work for the company.


TTEC is best known for on-call work from home jobs, but they also have data entry jobs available.

They offer part-time roles and pay around $10 an hour.

7- Microworkers

Microworkers is a popular site that offers legitimate data entry jobs from home. The website also has many other forms of quick tasks that you can complete and make money.

Most tasks pay less than a dollar, but they only take a few minutes to finish. Many of these are very basic and don’t require any special training or skills.

8- Clickworker

Clickworker is a global crowdsourcing platform that offers a variety of micro jobs such as writing, translating, researching, and data entry work.

There is an assessment test when you apply. Once you qualify, you can work for the company and receive weekly payments via PayPal.

9- Clickearner 

This is another platform where you can find various at-home jobs along with data entry jobs.

All you need is to create an account, complete your profile, and get works like customer service, virtual assistant, typing, online research, and more.

10- AccuTran Global

We have mostly known AccuTran Global as a transcription company, but the website offers data entry jobs as well.

The openings are not frequent, so it’s best to keep your eye on their career page.

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11- Axion Data Entry Services

Axion regularly posts openings for online data entry jobs. To qualify, you must have 2 to 3 years of experience in data entry. A typing speed of 50 wpm is also required.

They require a nominal fee to keep you registered and apply for jobs. The company pays a flat rate per project.

12- Birch Creek Communications

BCC mostly has transcription jobs but constantly looks for people to do data entry.

Pay depends on job type and your performance. So the more accurate you are, the more in your pay rate.

13- Amazon mTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a reliable place to find tons of micro-tasks. Many data entry jobs are available as well.

To qualify, you must complete an assessment. If accepted, you can perform the tasks and get paid.

14- Working Solutions

Working Solutions frequently offers projects that involve data entry. To work with them, you must apply online.

Once you’re accepted, you pick up suitable assignments matching your profile. Each program pays differently, and they make payments either via direct deposit or mailed check.

15- Appen

The company is known for providing search engine evaluator jobs. However, they also offer a variety of micro-tasks, including data entry.

The earnings won’t be high, but the site is trusted among many data entry clerks, so it’s worth trying.

16- DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions has been around for over a decade and provides all kinds of data-related services to companies and government agencies.

The company hires data entry clerks from the US. To qualify, you must possess a typing speed of 60 wpm. You will work on multiple projects or standalone tasks.

17- Capital Typing

Capital Typing is another reputable company that provides a variety of data and clerical services for businesses.

They regularly hire data entry operators as independent contractors to work on minor projects.

18- Kendall Creek Communications 

The company is a prominent employer of remote workers, including data entry clerks.

They hire workers as independent contractors to complete jobs of data entry, transcription, data processing, data analysis, and market research.

19- Cass Information Systems

Cass Information Systems hires data entry clerks for data entry and verification. The position is location-based and when available, you’ll see it listed as “Data Verification Clerk.”

You must take on-site training for a few weeks before you can do the job from home.

20- DataPlus+ 

The company specializes in entering paper data into electronic databases and offers data entry and document scanning jobs.

Their clients include law enforcement and legal agencies, so both employees and independent contractors must pass a background check before being hired.

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Other Places To Find Online Data Entry Jobs

If you are unlucky to find the online data entry jobs on the above websites, you can also look for:

21- FlexJobs 

FlexJobs is a reputable site to find remote jobs. Data entry jobs are also popular on this platform.

Every job listing goes under scrutiny, so you don’t have to weed out scams. Though you have to pay to browse the portal, FlexJobs is worth considering.

22- Upwork 

Upwork is one of the best platforms to check if you’re looking for legitimate data entry jobs.

Apart from data entry jobs, you can also make money from other freelance work that suits your skillset.

23- Fiverr

Fiverr is another place where businesses post their requirements and many of these are for data entry work.

Apart from data entry jobs, many other online jobs are available that you can bid and work as a freelancer.

24- Indeed 

The Indeed job portal is great to check work from home data entry jobs, but make sure you don’t fall into a scam.

25- Craigslist

Many times I have seen listings on Craigslist that seek data entry clerks.

Before you commit, make sure you double-check if they are real and not scams.

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Skills And Requirements For Online Data Entry Jobs

Every data entry job is different, and though they don’t require you to be a tech nerd, you still need some basic skills to be good at your work.

You must evaluate yourself against these skills to succeed in the world of online data entry jobs.

So, let’s look at some of these requirements.

1- Proficiency In Using The Computer

As you’ll be working online from home, you will do all your work using a computer. So you need some basic computer skills.

2- Fast And Accurate Typing

Data entry work involves a lot of typing. So, typing fast with precision is the most important skill you’ll need as a data entry clerk.

The faster you type (without errors), the quicker you get the work done, and the more money you will earn. The average typing speed requirement is 40 wpm. Anything above that is competent to begin.

3- Well-Versed In Using Spreadsheets

Most companies organize their data in spreadsheets, so knowing how to use them is a must.

You must be proficient in using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

4- Ability To Use Word Documents

As a data entry clerk, you’ll also be using Microsoft Word, so the basic features like formatting a document, styling, or inserting links, will give you an edge over other job-seekers.

5- Knowledge Of PowerPoint

Sometimes you will also use PowerPoint, so it’s always handy to know about it. Though advanced features are not required but knowing some basic ones is good to keep under your belt.

6- Proficiency At Using Google Products

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive, have become very popular among people who work online.

As a data entry clerk, you are most likely to use them often, so be sure to have a professional Google account and a working knowledge of basic Google applications.

7- Well-Versed With Email Handling

As a data entry clerk, the email will be the primary means of communication. Besides, basic skills like knowing how to check your inbox, send emails and attach files, be sure you know email etiquette.

8- Comfortable With Online Chatting

If your employer has a chat system, make sure you learn how to use it suitably. Getting online whenever your client needs you is also essential.

You must strictly adhere to the company policies and also be comfortable and generous while chatting.

9- Possess Good Communication

Just like any other job, the ability to communicate effectively is critical to online data entry jobs.

Since you won’t be working in a traditional office environment, where you can personally talk with coworkers, it’s important to stay on top of online communication.

10- Have Organizational Skills

As a remote data entry clerk, you’ll be downloading and uploading lots of files. So organizing them in proper folders is essential to avoid misplacing a file or sending the wrong files to the client.

It’s good to have a well-defined file naming system and keep all the files orderly on your system.

11- Give Attention To Details

If you’re not detail-oriented, data entry won’t be easy for you. You will handle piles of data, so anything can go wrong if you don’t pay attention to details.

Consideration of details will save you from making costly mistakes and helps you in the long run.

How Much Can You Make From Online Data Entry Jobs?

Online data entry jobs alone can’t make you a full-time living, but I still recommend these to all the aspiring people who want to start with work from home jobs.

The money you earn depends on the type of work and how efficiently you complete it.

On average, the data entry clerks make between $15 to $20 per hour, but not all entry-level data entry jobs pay that much. Make sure you choose only the best ones, and the above-linked companies are the best resources to find them.

Online Data Entry Jobs – Beware Of Scams

Data entry jobs from home are the first choice of newbies. They get excited and desperate to land on their first opportunity. The completion is tough and finding a legitimate data entry job is difficult.

Unfortunately, scammers know this and they make a lot of scam postings pretending to be legit companies.

To safely guard against these scammers, I advise you to:

  • Be wary of jobs that claim to make a lot of money.
  • Stay away from the jobs that ask you to deposit any fee to apply.
  • Stay from the jobs that offer training programs and pay you nothing for that.
  • Weed the companies that have no presence on the internet or have no name or contact info on their website.
  • Avoid companies having a poorly designed website or are brand new.
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Closing It

It’s arduous to get past fraudulent data entry jobs. However, the above websites offer legitimate data entry jobs, and you can trust them blindly.

Working as a data entry clerk is a surpassing way to get paid in your spare time. Though you don’t earn enormous money, you can make enough to pay off debts, save for weekend outings, or just pocket a little cash at the end of each month.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these data entry jobs from home and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!