13 Work From Home Jobs At Amazon That Are Hot Favorites

Are you looking for Online Work From Home Jobs?

You will get amazed to know that there are several opportunities for work at home jobs with Amazon.

In this article, I will enlist 13 legit types of Amazon work from home jobs that you can start today and become part of the world’s largest online e-commerce store.

We all know Amazon is the world’s largest online store and is the most prevalent site to shop.

Amazon is a widely recognized and trusted online merchants worldwide, so to work for them can be a dream come true for any individual seeking a job opportunity.

Having said that many of us won’t know that Amazon also provides opportunities to work from home for all the people out there who don’t prefer a regular office going job.

Amazon has already risen as one of the major players to provide online stat at home jobs and continues to grow in that arena.

Some of these jobs are primarily for US residents and are location specific but many others do not have any country restrictions and you can join them regardless of your geographical spot.

Let’s dive into various options you get to work for Amazon from the comforts of your home.

13 Legit Stay At Home Jobs With Amazon

1- Be An Amazon Customer Service Associate

Amazon has millions of customers around and to offer them great customer satisfaction they require quality customer support representatives.

This role is available in the U.S. in many prominent locations as is the first choice for many job seekers who prefer to work from home.

The job involves dealing with customers over the phone, email, online chat, and solving their queries.

The minimum requirement is high school and one year of experience in customer service. You must have a good command of the English language and a pleasant voice over.

Having a stable internet connection and basic computer skills is also a must for this role.

Your pay can vary from $15 to $20 an hour. They request you to work for about 20 to 30 hours per week.

You will also be eligible for health care benefits after a certain length of service time.

So if you think you would be the right person for this role then you could apply here.

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2- Sell on Amazon (FBA)

If you are into any kind of production of materials, there is no better way than being your boss and starting an Amazon FBA business. This is the most popular and trending way to make money on Amazon.

You sell your products using the Amazon platform and the company takes care of all the packaging, storing, delivering, and after-sales services. They keep a percentage of your sales as their profit.

This business does not require any special skills, but your products should stand out from the crowd and should have unbeatable quality.

The earning potential is huge and depends on your products and the amount of hard work you put in.

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3- Deliver For Amazon

In some countries, Amazon also outsources its delivery system and is constantly looking for agents who can deliver orders to areas where it does not serve.

If you have the basic infrastructure to deliver, sign up for Deliver With Amazon program and earn excellent commissions for your services.

4- Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer

If you are into affiliate marketing, then Amazon products are one of the best to promote.

Amazon affiliate program is free to join, and it gives you the freedom to do it on a full-time basis or part-time basis and there is no specific sales target to achieve.

You can use your social media, website, blog, or even a YouTube channel to promote products and every sale gets you good commissions.

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5- Create And Publish e-Books On Amazon

If you are a skilled writer, this can be the best option for you. You can create ebooks and publish them on Amazon Kindle. You can set your price and earn around 80% royalty.

Publishing takes around 24-48 hours, and your book becomes available to millions of online Kindle readers all over the world.

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6- Sell T-Shirts With Amazon Merch

If you love designing, Amazon Merch gives you a chance to explore your creative side by designing T-shirts.

You upload your artwork, choose color and type for the T-shirts, and set your price. Amazon takes the responsibility to print and fulfill the orders on your behalf.

Every time your T-shirts get sold, you earn a commission.

7- Join Amazon Influencer Program

This is another way to promote Amazon products. If you have a huge social media following then this option is the best for you.

You can join the Amazon Influencer Program and if you qualify, you will create a unique page on Amazon with a unique URL and start promoting your favorite Amazon products to your followers.

To qualify for the program you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account. Your engagement statistics and number of followers are also deciding factors to qualify.

8- Join Amazon Bounty Program

The Amazon Bounty program is like an Amazon affiliate except it’s meant for Amazon services rather than individual products.

The program offers fixed advertising fees if you advertise Amazon services on your websites in the form of a banner or any other means.

For example, you can earn a bounty when a visitor signs up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime through your advertising.

9- Do Microtasks On Amazon MTurk

Amazon believes, many tasks require the human brain and skills and can’t only be achieved by Artificial Intelligence or computers. For this reason, Amazon operates a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Members enrolled with Amazon MTurk perform a variety of tasks for companies associated with Amazon.

These include data entry, detection of wrong or duplicate images and product information, uploading videos, or other promotional material on social media, and sharing platforms to weeding outdated posts.

Amazon MTurk members also help in data analysis and audio data transcriptions.

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10- Drive For Amazon Flex

You can join the Amazon Flex program and become a delivery partner to Amazon.

All you need is a smartphone and a car to qualify, and you will make deliveries for Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, Amazon restaurants, and other services.

Amazon claims that you can make around $18 to $25 an hour as a Flex partner. You must choose the time for your availability and accordingly, you get the assignments.

11- Try Amazon Trade-In

In recent times, the Amazon Trade-In program is getting huge popularity. If you have unwanted stuff lying around in the house, then you can trade it in for Amazon gift cards.

You must check if your item is in good condition, submit a trade-in on the website or app, get the quoted trade-in value, print the free shipping labels, and send the item.

If the item qualifies and you choose an instant payment option or gift cards.

12- Earn Amazon Vines

With Amazon Vine, you can earn free products in return for unbiased and helpful reviews.

This is strictly an invitation-only program where reviewers get chosen based on their participation and helpful reviews.

Providing consistent good reviews and taking part regularly can help you get picked up for this program.

13- Be A Virtual Assistant For Amazon

By being a virtual assistant you will not be directly working for Amazon but for businesses who are an associate of Amazon on the FBA platform.

To support their growing business they hire VAs. The job is primarily full time and gives lucrative salaries and perks.

You keep records of products sold, manage the inventory, and ensure that your employer has everything to meet future orders on time and in line with Amazon policies.

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Closing Comments

The number of people looking for work from home jobs is increasing day by day. Many companies offer such jobs and Amazon is one of the best to work with.

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Most of us think work from home at Amazon is only in customer service. But I have given you 13 work from home jobs at Amazon. These Amazon online jobs are easy to perform and suitable for anyone globally.

The biggest advantage of working with Amazon is that you become a part of a reputed brand. Amazon has an excellent prestige of paying people who work for it and also those who sell their products or help in delivering orders. 

I know lots of people who work with Amazon and get extreme satisfaction from their jobs. The earning is lucrative and the other associated benefits are also great.

These jobs also offer flexibility so you could also take care of other aspects of your life while you earn money.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these Amazon work at home jobs and share your feedback comments. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries! 

Best of luck!

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