How Tube Buddy Can Help Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast?

Are you overspending time managing your YouTube channel? If so, Tube Buddy can be your true buddy.

Tube Buddy is a must-have tool to facilitate your YouTube channel’s administration. It also increases the views, subscribers, and revenue which are the ultimate goals for any YouTube content creator.

In this article, I’ll unwrap the best features of Tube Buddy by classifying them based on their utility and functionality.

Growing a YouTube channel has become harder these days with hundreds of new channels coming up each day and competing in the same space or niche.

Five years back, you only require loading quality videos to grow your channel. However, today it’s difficult and not only demands quality content but a step beyond.

Today you can’t expect to grow on YouTube without taking care of various other aspects, like SEO, marketing, data analysis, and much more.

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Tube Buddy acts as a savior for any YouTube content creator. It conserves much of your time on channel management and administration. It also provides tools that help you with SEO strategies, content marketing tactics, and data analytics that grow and establish your YouTube channel quickly with much ease.

Tube Buddy Is A YouTube Extension

You may know Tube Buddy as a Browser Extension, however, I take it differently. For me, TubeBuddy is primarily a YouTube Extension.

When you install TubeBuddy and visit YouTube, you see the real power of this amazing tool when a plethora of new features get added to the original YouTube’s functionality. This means you can access the functional capacity of Tube Buddy directly from your YouTube dashboard.

You’ll notice drop-downs, shortcut links, and advanced analytics tools you hadn’t seen before. These are your new YouTube buddies to make your life easier. It enables you to maximize the visibility of your videos in search results.

TubeBuddy’s tools save your time and effort when performing routine tasks involved in running a YouTube channel. Many of these tools are free to use, but others require a paid license.

TubeBuddy was launched in December 2014, and till today they have an enormous number of useful tools added to their platform. Today, Tube Buddy has 64 useful tools that help you with everything from production, promotion to distribution of your videos.

I don’t intend to explain all these tools in detail as TubeBuddy’s Website has them all well organized, explaining their use and how to work with each one of them. I appreciate their efforts to put everything in one place with excellent categorization and explication.

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In this article, I have classified these features based on the utility and practical functionality most professional YouTubers look for.

How Tube Buddy Is Your YouTube Buddy?

1- Optimize Your Videos With SEO

YouTube SEO requires using the right keywords and putting corresponding tags into your video’s description. Here, Tube Buddy acts smart and makes your work easier.

It adds a sidebar to the YouTube UI with additional keyword data. On searching any keywords, you’ll see the Search Explorer overlay box. This shows estimated global search volume, competition, and an overall keyword score out of 100.

You’ll also see keyword stats like most views, fewest views, top channel, and more, which give you a high-level overview of a particular keyword.

You also get a list of related searches that are useful for discovering long-tail keywords to optimize your video or find less competitive topics that you may want to consider.

Keyword Rank Tracking helps track your video SEO efforts by comparing your keywords to your competitor’s and Search Ranking tells you where your video ranks in YouTube search.

The feature of Suggested Tags gives you all the tags related to that keyword and you don’t have to spend hours researching them.

Insta Suggest can give you tag suggestions in real-time as you type. You can create lists of all favorite tags and use them in your future videos. You can even sort and translate tags.

Besides, you can also find your competitor’s tags and develop your own. Copying tags and reusing them is much easier with Tube Buddy.

With SEO Studio you can optimize your video metadata for a specific keyword.

2- Create Interactive And Engaging Videos

YouTube Cards is an approach you take to interact with your viewers during the course or at the end of the videos by directing them to a different video or playlist, to your product, to your sales funnel, or to your website. Cards can make your audience more reciprocal with your channel and you can do it by adding up to five cards to each video.

By using the Card Templates feature, you can easily and efficiently create Card templates via the TubeBuddy. Sometimes, you may create the same set of cards for all new uploads, and that’s a rework.

With TubeBuddy, you can use videos to create Card Templates and then easily apply them to future uploads without manually recreating them. You can generate multiple Card Templates and apply them depending on what type of video you upload.

Tube Buddy utilizes Smart Timing to ensure the Cards get applied in the correct location on your new upload no matter what the duration of the video is.

Tube Buddy has a separate feature to create End Screen Templates that works very similar to Card Templates except, it creates templates for end screens only.

Creating enticing thumbnails is another way to enrich your videos, however, it takes a lot of time designing them every time you create a new video. With TubeBuddy’s Thumbnail Generator, you can create professional-quality thumbnails using still frames from your video and text/image overlays.

You can also save these as templates to re-use them for a clean, consistent look across your videos. You can upload your logo, brand images, and even custom fonts to ensure thumbnails created in Tube Buddy match your brand identity.

Using multiple Upload Profiles for your video is a good way to break the unanimity. Since YouTube only allows you to create one set of upload defaults you can overcome that with Tube Buddy. You can have a different set of Default Upload Profiles based on what type of video you are uploading.

TubeBuddy also has an inbuilt feature, Emoji Picker, to add Emojis to your Titles, Tags, and Descriptions to make them stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to visit an external site to search for emojis as the variety that TubeBuddy has is enormous.

Auto Translator, translates video title, description, and tags into other languages to increase global viewership.

Tube Buddy also provides a fully integrated Caption Service via 3PlayMedia and you don’t have to visit an external site.

tube buddy

3- Examine Your Performance Through Analytics

Once you create a high-quality video and optimize it for SEO, it’s important to monitor your progress. You must keep track of how your audience reacts and engages with your videos so you know which ones are performing well and which aren’t.

TubeBuddy offers many tools to help you with this.

Health Reports provide you an overall look at the health and performance of your channel. You get all the details to demographics, search traffic, related videos, watch time, etc, and use these data insights to improve your channel’s efficiency.

If you want to know how fast you are acquiring new subscribers then Real-Time Sub Counts help you analyze the same for a given time frame.

Retention Analyzer gives you the data for the time duration your audience spends on your videos. This way you can identify what intros or opening sequences are causing viewers to leave and can improve them. You can use various combinations to figure out which one performs the best.

You don’t have to manually search every social network to find if your videos are being popular, Social Monitor shows you how many times your videos are shared across social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

Language Analysis gets you the breakdown of languages spoken by your audience and you can use the data to choose which languages to translate title, description, and tags. It also gives you the idea to refine your target audience.

Tube Buddy integrates with StatFire to give you in-depth analytics on your YouTube channel. This is done by Channelytics that lets you see how other channels are performing compared to yours. So, you can use this to figure out if the content you’re making is having a similar effect and to get the general feel of the community.

Advanced analytics and insights are provided by Videolytics and you can peek into your competitor’s videos to see what’s working for them. You can also collate different videos to get comparison reports. One of the best features of Videolytics is it provides trending and hot videos for your inspiration.

The Channel Valuation feature integrates with and based on various factors determines the actual worth of your channel. This way you know how much to charge brands for a dedicated video or shoutout. You get to see your channel’s price tag associated with its rise and fall over a while.

4- Outshine Your Competitors

YouTube has over 50 million content creators rolling out videos regularly, so to beat your competitors it’s important to understand and follow their strategies. This may sound immoral, but believe me, it’s not. It’s one of the best ways to beat your competition and with the right approach, you can achieve it with ease.

Tube Buddy has many enticing features to help you outscore your competition by constantly giving insight into what they do for their channel growth and success.

Competitor Upload Alerts pushes notifications when a competitor uploads a video via email, push notification, or text.

You will instantly know if someone uploads a review video about your product through the Brand Alert feature. It monitors new videos, playlists, and channels uploaded about you or your brand. You can also track your competitor’s uploads.

Competitor Scorecard shows how your channel stacks up against the competition in terms of views, engagement, subscribers, and uploads. You can either print the report or export it to Excel.

tube buddy

5- Implement Pre-Planning And Scheduling

If you are a Pro-YouTuber you may know the power of content planning and scheduling your future uploads. It allows you to be more time-efficient and also minimizes the chances of missed uploads.

Luckily, TubeBuddy gives you both.

Content planning is not easy and ever Pro-YouTubers struggle to come up with ideas for new videos. You may also end up forgetting some great video suggestions from your audience in the video comments area but with Video Topic Planner you can easily manage and get new ideas for future video topics.

Scheduled Publish feature schedules your unlisted videos to be published and added to playlists at a future date/time. The best thing about this feature is it gives early access to videos internally to your business partners and coworkers without making it live to the public.

Sometimes you want to change the video’s Title, Tags, Description, or Thumbnail in the future, and Scheduled Video Update just provides you that. You can even remove a video from playlists or schedule a privacy change (Public / Unlisted / Private) to your video scheduled for later.

Tube Buddy has one more feature Sunset Videos that works similar to Scheduled Video Update. It can be used to schedule videos to be hidden or removed from playlists at a future date/time. Even here you can set the video privacy settings at a certain time.

6- Benefit From Promotions And Social Sharing

With over 300 hours of video upload to YouTube every minute, viewers can find hundreds of videos on almost any topic to choose from. So, in this harsh competition, how will you promote your YouTube videos?

TubeBuddy has some inbuilt features to help you promote your videos by engaging your audience.

You get the ability to boost new uploads by linking to them in various areas with the help of Tube Buddy’s feature, Promotion Materials. It provides specialized links and codes for promoting your channel and videos and you get the option to add your most recent or most popular upload to your email signature. You can even embed a video player on your blog or website that always plays your most recent video.

The other easy way to promote your channel is to drive viewers of your old videos to your newest upload. This can be done with the tool Vid2Vid Promotion that gives the functionality to promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos. This feature also allows promoting older videos by showcasing them along with the current trending videos. It also helps you to feature a video that is running a contest.

When we talk about contests, one feature of TubeBuddy comes in handy, Pick a Winner. You can randomly select a user who has commented on one of your videos thus picking up the winner of your contest. You can ever access the social profiles of the commenters of the videos.

Tube Buddy also allows you to share your videos on Twitter and Facebook (with Share on Twitter and Publish to Facebook features) directly from YouTube and automatically attach your thumbnails while sharing.

With Subscriber Outreach, you can reach out to your YouTube Subscribers across multiple social networks to engage and build relationships with them.

Finally, Share Tracker tracks your videos and tells you which ones you’ve already shared on social networks. This way you don’t duplicate your efforts.

7- Get Total Control On Comment System

If your channel is well established you may have trouble keeping up with all the comments on your videos.

Tube Buddy offers a Comment Filter feature which enables you to quickly find the kinds of comments you’re looking for From the drop-down options you can easily filter comments:

  • You haven’t replied
  • With reply disabled
  • That contains profanity
  • That contain questions
  • With a positive sentiment
  • With a negative sentiment
  • Plus a variety of other options

This is a real time-saver if you’re looking to engage with specific types of commenters.

Comment Word Cloud gives a visual representation of what people are saying about your videos.

With the Export Comments feature, you can export comments to the CSV file.

Comment Spotlight easily identifies comments from your recent subscribers.

Tube Buddy also gives you control over your responses to the comments.

Sometimes you may see yourself writing the same response over and over again. To overcome this TubeBuddy has Canned Responses that you can use to give quicker replies especially when people ask you the same question repeatedly. You can even add a touch of personalization to your responses with the use of short-codes to include the name of the person you’re replying to.

With Notification Commenting you can reply to comments directly from the YouTube notification window.

tube buddy

8- Perform Regular Channel Audits

Performing audits is one of the most important ways to measure the success of your YouTube channel. One factor that makes pro-YouTubers the real master is, they perform deep audits regularly. Deep audits reveal hidden tricks and details of how to enhance your channel’s performance.

Tube Buddy offers many tools to facilitate this.

Best Practice Audit automates the checks to ensure you’re following YouTube’s recommendations and ensure your video is set up correctly. It warns about any broken links in your video descriptions.

As the name suggests, the Upload Checklist provides you a list of important tasks to perform upon each upload. This way you never forget an important step when uploading new videos. You can ever import the checklists of other YouTube experts and follow them. The great thing is that you can customize the checklist based on your preferences.

Opportunity Finder provides suggestions for channel growth based on its performance and analytics to make sure you are not missing out on opportunities outside of YouTube’s website.

You can even find words in your title, description, or tags that might cause the demonetization of your video with the Demonetization Audit feature and ensure you are making the most money possible.

9- Increase Efficiency By Quick Actions

Some features that TubeBuddy provides are very efficient to save time when performing simple routine tasks.

Quick Links Menu provides easy navigation to common areas on YouTube. TubeBuddy claims that YouTube makes you click 47 times and load 13 pages to get to your My Videos page, however with Tube Buddy the number of clicks is much smaller. Tube Buddy also has plans to launch a customized Quick Menu with your links.

Using Quick-Edit Toolbar you can easily navigate between videos when editing a list without clicking the My Videos page every time you want to edit another video.

Organizing a playlist on YouTube can be a time killer. However, with Playlist Action, feature you have an easy option of advanced ordering and filtering for videos within playlists. You can also order a playlist based on video engagement, subscribers, or watch time. The random arrangement, alphabet, or reverse sorting is also possible.

Adding to the list is Advanced Video Embed that allows you to create embed codes with the full list of options for adding videos or playlists to your website. The customization level is amazing and you don’t have to go to the video watch page to get the embed code.

The other feature that comes in handy is Video A/B Tests where you can test Titles, Thumbnails, Tags, and Descriptions to find what works the best. The feature is also capable to highlight the effect on the traffic with these changes in place.

Channel Access grant access to your TubeBuddy account with your coworkers and clients. You can even share your Tube Buddy license among employees in your company.

Protecting your data by backing is up regularly can be easily done by the Channel Backup feature.

With Coppa Center, you can easily scan your videos to identify which ones have YouTube marked as “Made for Kids”.

tube buddy

10- Enjoy The Power Of Bulk Processing

This feature is great if you upload multiple videos per week and saves a lot of time on editing thumbnails, end screens, and more.

TubeBuddy’s bulk processing features include:

  • Copy Cards: Offers a consistent card look across all videos with minimal effort.

  • Copy End Screen: Works the same way as Bulk Copy Cards.

  • Delete Cards: Remove all or some of your cards with just a few clicks.

  • Delete End Screens: Works the same as above.

  • Find, Replace & Append: Find & Replace, Append, or Remove from video titles and descriptions across your entire channel.

  • Thumbnail Overlays: Adds a graphic overlay to some or all of your video thumbnails.

  • Automates updating Cards across some or all of your videos.

  • Update End Screens: Works the same as above.

  • Updates Privacy, Ordering and Filtering across some or all your Playlists.

  • Demonetization Double-Check: Quickly finds demonetized videos on your channel then bulk submit them for manual review and correction.

Wrapping It Up

TubeBuddy is one of the most essential YouTube tools for many good reasons. It’s packed with powerful features that help you administer, manage, and grow your YouTube channel with ease. It’s also pretty smooth to use as everything is integrated inside your existing YouTube dashboard.

There is a free version with limited features and is good enough to start with. If you find Tube Buddy promising, the paid options are also not very expensive.

Now since you know everything about Tube Buddy, you must not wait and should take immediate action to use it.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these Tube Buddy features and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries!

Best of luck!