Sites Like Craigslist – Here Are The 40 Options To Choose From

Are you looking for sites like Craigslist for selling your stuff?

You will be amazed to know that there are many alternative sites like Craigslist which can also be your good choice.

No doubt, Craigslist is the most well-known place in this category but there are many similar sites to Craigslist that allow you to buy and sell all your things.

Craigslist is one of the biggest classified websites on the internet. The site offers thousands of items for sale in pretty much any category you can imagine. Either you buy or you sell, it’s completely free to use.

I am personally using Craigslist for years and recently I tried to sell some of my old items from my kitchen. After a lot of effort, I wasn’t able to find a good buyer so I started to look for other sites like Craigslist. To my surprise, I sold my stuff at a higher price on one other site “OfferUp”.

As I am a frequent seller of my old stuff, I decided to look for Craigslist’s alternative and found many such options, some even better than Craigslist.

There are millions of buyers and sellers on Craigslist so sometimes it’s difficult to get a good bargain.

Because of the intense competition and ever-expanding world of e-commerce, there are now dozens of other sites like Craigslist to choose from and list the stuff you want to sell or buy the things you want or need.

After a lot of research and testing, I have curated the list of top 40 sites like Craigslist that you can use as an alternative.

My List Of Best 40 Sites Like Craigslist

Here are the top 40 popular alternatives to Craigslist you might find helpful.

I have listed these in the order of my experience of browsing and testing them. Some of them are smaller ones and some are big.

All websites listed have very strict policies about the content you can list and sell. If these websites find any of your listing objectionable, obscene, vulgar, or violating laws, they can ban you. You are also liable to face criminal action for any post that violates their laws.

So be very careful and read all the terms and conditions before you make a post.

1- OfferUp

OfferUp is one of the largest mobile marketplaces for local buyers and sellers and one of the best sites like craigslist.

It’s easy to find great deals on the things you want to buy or make money on the things you want to sell. It’s a better option than Classified Ads and garage sales. This is one of the best ways to buy and sell in your community or neighborhood.

How does It work?

  • Buy or sell anything.
  • Easily list your items for sale in 30 seconds.
  • Find great deals and discounts on clothes, shoes, furniture, cell phones, electronics, baby & kids items, sports equipment, used cars, home goods, and much more.
  • Use reputation features like ratings and profiles to see who you’re dealing with.
  • Shop local items with thousands of new postings daily.
  • Message buyers and sellers securely from within the mobile app.
  • Build your reputation and trust with your unique seller profile page.
  • Browse items by image and sort by category, location, or ratings.
  • Join millions of people using OfferUp across the country.

2- Facebook Marketplace

You already have access to the Facebook Marketplace if you have a Facebook account. Facebook does a great job with its marketplace and makes it very simple to buy or sell things.

All the communications are through Facebook Messenger and can be done from mobile or desktop.

With the number of people using Facebook, you can usually sell your stuff the fastest on this platform.

3- Facebook Groups

Selling on Facebook started inside Facebook groups even before the Facebook Marketplace. You can join the Facebook buying and selling groups of your local area.

It’s often difficult to find the right sales group for your items on Facebook, which is why I like the Marketplace better.

4- Oodle

Oodle aggregates listings both locally and nationally from sites like eBay, ForRent, BoatTrader,, and many more trading websites. It is very popular and one of the best sites like craigslist.

Oodle also powers classifieds from publications like The Sun, The Washington Post Express, and New York Post. Websites like AOL, Lycos,,, and Wal-Mart are also included.

Oodle has classifieds categories of cars, real estate, renting, jobs, personals, merchandise, tickets, pets, and services.

Oodle strongly encourages users to include a Facebook profile with listings, believing that buyers will prefer the transparency of dealing with someone with a name and face attributed to their listing.

Oodle has over 15 million monthly users and is available in the United States, Australia, Canada, India, UK, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Buying or selling is free, however, there are limits to how many listings you can post at a time based on your selling categories.

5- LetGo

LetGo is an app that connects buyers and sellers and works similar to Craigslist where you can sell or buy items in your local area.

It’s one of the fastest-growing apps to buy and sell locally and has millions of active users. So naturally, become one of the best sites like craigslist.
The company believes that your old stuff could be someone else’s new treasure. They claim they’re making the process easy for you to get rid of your old items and also make money.
The app just acts as a platform for sellers and buyers to meet and interact but for payment and negotiation, it is the sole responsibility of the parties involved.

It is easy to use and also doesn’t charge any fees for sellers or take a percentage out of their profits. So sellers can get 100% of their money. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

6- Locanto 

Locanto is best for those who are looking for something local such as a used car, a babysitter, a job, or anything particular to the vicinity of where they live.

It’s very simple to post a listing on Locanto. Your ads remain to live for 60 days which exposes them to a very large audience. 

You can upload pictures and use the HTML codes of the ads on your website if you have one.

7. Trovit 

Trovit is available in over 50 countries including the United States, Mexico, UK, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and many more. 

Trovit is a site where you can list your homes and cars for sale. The site is well organized. You choose your country and it brings you to another screen where you can choose a model and make, etc
The real estate search works the same way. You start by choosing your area and then narrow down the search based on the type of house, number of bedrooms, etc.

The site has extensive listings. If you’re advertising on Craigslist or similar sites, there are chances your ad will show up on Trovit as well.

8. Gumtree 

Gumtree is one of the sites like Craigslist and is wildly popular in the UK and also in Australia, South Africa. Recently Gumtree has begun to increase in popularity within the United States

Gumtree is still a great alternative to Craigslist because of the ability to buy and sell to anyone in the world. They also have android and iOS apps.

9- Geebo 

Geebo is an online classified ad provider for employment, real estate, vehicles, local artists, and many more. Every day it places hundreds of ads on its online platform and allows users to search quickly for a particular product according to their requirement. Users can also use the advanced search system of Geebo.

Every time you place an ad, they approve it manually instead of a robot or algorithm. So be sure your ad is not a crab and should look realistic.

They only operate in the United States in over 160 communities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Washington, DC, and Seattle.

10- PennySaver USA 

PennySaver is in the business of helping local businesses through effective hyper-local marketing of products and services.

They are both in print and online media. If you live in California, you can still find the Penny Saver in print, but everywhere else it’s online as PennySaver USA. They have over 1 million unique visitors per month.

PennySaver USA is one of the top and oldest classified services in the US and has been serving the local communities for over 50 years.

11- US Free Ads 

USFreeAds is one of the best sites like Craigslist and offers three types of membership levels: Free, Premium, and Gold. As a Gold member, you can post ads at a price of only $10 for the entire year.

They allow you to post ads in various categories such as seeking jobs or hiring, stuff for sale, automobiles, dating, community resources, and more. You can also look for accommodation, which is a great resource for those moving to other cities in the US.

USFreeAds also has an affiliate marketing program. For every person you introduce to this portal, they offer you an incentive. The website claims that you can earn up to $1,500 per year through its referral and affiliate marketing program.

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12- USA Today 

USA Today is a popular newspaper and an excellent alternative for Craigslist. It also has an extensive classified section that is available online. USA Today is huge in both print and digital media. It claims to have over 102 million unique visitors per month.

A lot of stuff from foreign countries is available on USA Today classifieds. 

They charge a nominal fee, but if you are looking for the most superior coverage, USA Today is the right place.

13- Ads Globe

As the name shows, Ads Globe facilitates buyers and sellers in 150 countries to interact, sell, and buy.
You can buy and sell everything at Ads Globe including household stuff or even industrial equipment made by your firm. 

There are no fees for registering at Ads Globe, however, premium services for businesses have a nominal fee.

Their website has a nice look and you can choose ads from a drop-down list of multiple countries.

14- AdLandPro 

On AdLandPro you can post up to 20 ads for free and the ads will stay on their site for 4 weeks. However, if you update your ad inside those 4 weeks, you can keep them up and running indefinitely.

Once you post your ad, they send it to their database which they further link to over 57,000 affiliates’ websites.

15- BackPage

If you want to get a firsthand look at the product, you are buying then BackPage is the best choice. It is a rare website that also allows you to post video classifieds, absolutely free. 

You can take a video of whatever you wish to advertise, such as a car or apartment for rent, and upload it on BackPage. It features classifieds from 50 plus countries worldwide.

16- Close5 (eBay Classified)

Close5 is another giant in this field. It’s owned by eBay and is a great website if you are looking at selling or buying pre-owned stuff of any sort. This Craigslist alternative is available primarily for US users.

Close5 also offers a mobile app that you can use to advertise your stuff, arrange meet-ups, and send messages within a group or community.

17- City News 

City News offers free classified listing to help you sell or buy all over the world. If you live in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and more, you can post in City News.

There’s also an option to upgrade with nominal fees. You can even find ads for medical treatment services, such as knee surgery, organ transplants, etc from many foreign countries.

18- 10 Day Ads 

As the name suggests, 10 Day Ads list your ads as free for 10 days. The company does this to keep the ads new and fresh, so people aren’t seeing the same listings repeatedly. This concept helps buyers to avoid seeing old ads.

The site is pretty well organized and easy to use and offers ads from all over the world.

19- Ad Toad 

Ad Toad is another good website on this list and has a great category of products to choose from.

Their website isn’t as pleasing as most of the other sites featured here, but at the time when I visited the site, it had some good stuff listed for sale.

20- FreeAdsTime 

FreeAdsTime looks and runs a lot similar to Craigslist. You can start by choosing your state, and then the city. You’ll find links to items such as clothing, collectibles, computers, kids’ stuff, heavy equipment, jewelry, furniture, and more.

You don’t have to create an account to post, however, doing so will give you added benefits, such as being able to track the number of views on the items you’ve posted. It’s free to create an account too.

Recycler is one of the most popular sites like Craigslist where you place your classified ads. The site has a nice interface and offers categories such as cars and vehicles, pets, real estate for sale/rental, sports & recreation, community, jobs, and many more.

The majority of the listings comprise of vehicles where you can find thousands of ads to browse through.

You must create an account with Recycler to post an ad, however, it’s free to do so.

22- Pawngo 

Pawngo is a bit different from the other sites featured here. They lend you money against your valuables as security, however, it looks like they also buy items within certain parameters.

Items they consider include jewelry, precious metals, camera equipment, musical instruments, computers, luxury cars, and designer handbags. You can also buy these items from Pawngo.

23- Classified Ads 

The Classified Ads website seems to be a popular place to list items for sale and has categories of vehicles, real estate, rentals, pets, personals, jobs, and many more.

You can place ads directly on the site and they also have ads pulled from other sites. The site is simple, organized, and easy to use.

24- Classifieds Giant 

Classifieds Giant is a well-known site that allows you to post ads for a variety of items like antiques, arts and crafts, baby & kids, appliances, household items, electronic items, sporting equipment, and many more.

They also have ads for cars and trucks, real estate, jobs, services, community, personal ads, etc. You must create an account to post on Classifieds Giant, but it’s free to do so.

25- OLX 

OLX offers items for sale that include vehicles, real estate, electronics, used furniture, clothing, etc.

They operate in many countries including Pakistan, Guatemala, India, South Africa, and more.
However, when you opt for the USA, it brings you to LetGo’s website. It’s a good place to search and list if you live in countries outside the U.S.

26- Bookoo 

Bookoo brings buyers and sellers together. They have a presence in 50 U.S. states, and also in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, UK, and more.

There are quite a few ads to choose from including real estate, rental, jobs, pets, home & garden, vehicles, and more.

27- Kijiji 

Kijiji is Canada’s most popular free, local classifieds site. Kijiji has ads in all of Canada’s major provinces and surrounding territories. Ads are listed by province and then narrowed down from there.

There are dozens of categories to choose from, including real estate, rental, jobs, pets, home & garden, vehicles, and more.

28- U-Exchange 

U-Exchange differs from the other sites listed here in that it’s a bartering site and there is no cash or currency exchange.

When you sign up, you list what services and/or products you can offer, and what services or products you want in exchange.

There is a wide variety of services and products available for trade. It is very popular among users all over the U.S. and worldwide.

29- Hoobly 

Hoobly classifieds offer vehicles, clothing, jobs, etc. You don’t need an account to browse listings, however, you will need to create one to communicate with sellers or to list something for sale.

When I visited the site, there weren’t a ton of listings, but I still consider it’s worth looking at.

30- Vast 

Vast is great because it’s a little more than just a classified site. It’s a global search engine and gives you classified ads from a variety of networks to find you exactly what you’re looking for. 

They have more vehicles and real estate ads.

31- Swappa 

Swappa helps you buy and sell a wide variety of electronic items like phones, cameras, watches, video games, and more. They even help you buy and sell smart home equipment such as voice assistants, streaming devices, and thermostats.

As a seller, you won’t pay any fees to sell on Swappa. Buyers pay a small fee when buying as Swappa helps them with the sale to ensure all goes smoothly. The fee is refundable if the buyer isn’t happy once they’ve received the product.

32- Trove

Trove Market only sells secondhand furniture. Trove will automatically use your location to display the most proximate listings. You can also browse online or with the mobile app.

Since most furniture is bulky, you will need to pick your purchase by yourself. Some shippers may deliver locally or ship small pieces across the country.

33- PeerHub 

PeerHub claims to be a combination of Craigslist and eBay. It allows you to buy or sell locally or across the country. It’s free to sell or buy and using Steem (their in-house payment system) you can also eliminate PayPal or credit card transaction fees.

They also have a social media platform where you can have your ratings and reviews. It can be a good marketplace if you are looking to buy or sell both traditional and eclectic items.

sites like craigslist

34- VarageSale

VarageSale combines online and offline social communities with buying and selling. Users join groups from their local area and then do business within the group. This ensures that you’re dealing with people close to you and makes it easy to establish longer-term trading relationships.

Also, there are interest-based groups, where people sell specific items based on their interests. VarageSale also has Android and iOS apps.

35- The Online Yard Sale

The Online Yard Sale lets you connect with people from all over and has many categories of items.

Some larger items will be pick-up only, but if you work with a seller, you could probably get them to ship a product to you.

When I checked the site, there were few listings, but you can expect it to grow quickly.

36- SocialSell

SocialSell doesn’t have a main website but only offers a mobile app. While the app doesn’t have many users yet, it has received positive feedback from most of the people who have used it. And because it’s free, it’s worth a shot.

If it hasn’t taken off in your area yet, you won’t find much, but you could help to get it start-up in your neighborhood by signing up for it.

37- Epage

EPage claims to the world’s largest and original free classifieds network. They are around since 1994 even before the entry of Craigslist.

You can find many buys and sell categories on the site including vehicles, electronics, collectibles, and more. It is free to use

38- USNetAds

USNetAds is another popular website to list items for sale and has categories of vehicles, real estate, rentals, pets, personals, jobs, and many more.

You can place ads directly on the site. They also have ads pulled from other sites. The site is simple, organized, and easy to use.

39- FlipKey

If you have a vacation home and would like to rent it out, then FlipKey can help you list it.

This way you can turn your vacation home into a money-making machine by listing it on FlipKey to get higher visibility.

40- Boat Trader

As its name suggests, Boat Trader can help you sell your boat and turn a bigger profit.

With a nominal fee, you can get up to 12 weeks of exposure, including a spot on the home page, plus sales lead sent directly to your inbox.

Think Before You Advertise Online

There are several precautions you need to take before you advertise online. Sometimes people selling legitimate products have had their ads taken off, and even barred their membership, causing minor financial losses too.

Before you post any advertisement on Craigslist or other sites like Craigslist, determine whether your product is permitted by the owning company rules and regulations. For example, some American states have relaxed gun laws while in others, buying a firearm off the shelves is punishable.

Usually, people tend to post almost everything for sale online. There are also instances where people have offered themselves as slaves and young women have sold their virginity online. Some people are also found soliciting clients for their vital organs including kidney and liver parts.

Remember, what can be legal in your country can be illegal elsewhere. Before you sell or buy anything on any classifieds platform, ensure you comply with local and international laws, and failing to do so can land you in serious trouble.

Beware Of Frauds

Frauds and cheating are very common on websites for classified ads. For example, you may end up giving your credit card number and personal details to some unscrupulous person pretending as a genuine seller.

I will suggest, never share your credit or debit card or other financial information with unknown sellers. Deal in cash only and don’t give sellers money until you’re sure you are getting what you are paying for because you may also end up buying something that appeared great on the website but got cheated when the item got delivered.

Always make sure when you meet someone, bring a second person along if possible, meet in a public place, and always let someone know where you’re going and when you should be back.

If done in the right manner and following all the safety principles, you can get some phenomenal deals using online classified websites.

Closing It

Craigslist is an excellent site that’s helped millions of people sell items they no longer need or want. Craigslist’s long buying and selling history and easy-to-use site make it a popular choice among many buyers and sellers.

However, there could be reasons that Craigslist may not work for you sometimes. The item you want to buy could be a non-option because of security concerns, or because your item isn’t selling there.

Luckily, there are alternatives to Craigslist that can help you sell your items and make some cash.

Depending upon your location, some Craigslist alternatives will be a better option than the others. Only time and experience will help you learn which alternative sites are best in your area.

Buying and selling your things locally is great as it helps you to make money and also reduce waste in your house.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these tips and share your feedback comments. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries!  

Best of luck!

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