Affiliate Networks Programs – How I Find Top Affiliate Programs

Do you want to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing?

If yes, you would be in search of the Best Affiliate Networks Programs that pay high commissions and are reliable to pay.

Today, we will discuss the Best Affiliate Networks Programs which can offer huge Earnings to you as an Affiliate.

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between affiliates (publishers) and merchants.

While, Merchants are the creators of the actual products or services, whereas; the publishers promote those. Merchants create affiliate programs of their products or services and list them on the affiliate networks. Publishers find these affiliate programs on the affiliate networks and promote them to earn commissions.

For merchants, affiliate networks provide services that help them in reporting, tracking, payments, and refund processing. Networks provide them with a large database of publishers and also the platform to manage them. We term this as affiliate management.
For publishers, these networks provide all the affiliate programs that the merchants list for their products or services. Networks organize these affiliate programs by categories and popularity for publishers to choose from. They also provide sign up, registration, reporting tools, analytics, and payment processing.
For publishers to join the affiliate network is free of cost. Almost all the networks follow this rule.

Merchants usually have to pay a fee to be a part of the network. Affiliate networks usually charge an initial one-time fee at the time of registration.

For listing a merchant’s affiliate program and promote it, the fee can be recurring. Some networks may also charge it as a percentage of commissions paid to the affiliates. Merchants get good value out of the services they get from networks. Despite the fees, the benefits to the merchants for joining these networks are well worth the price.

Affiliates need to focus only upon the promotion of the product they register to promote. When a merchant gets a sale from the affiliate link, affiliates earn commissions. Affiliates get paid directly by networks.

There are several payout structures used by affiliate network programs to pay affiliates.

Two primary models are,

1- CPS (Cost Per Sale)

2- CPA (Cost Per Action)

Let’s understand these terms.

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

CPS is a low-risk and high-profit revenue-sharing model used by marketers. The model pays a set commission to the affiliates who refer the leads that result in sales. The commission can be a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the product’s cost.

Most merchants prefer CPS as they only pay a commission after they get paid first by the purchasing customer. This is why CPS payout commission percentages are high and alluring for affiliates. Both affiliates and merchants prefer the CPS model of payment. We also refer to CPS as PPS (Pay Per Sale).

CPA (Cost Per Action)

CPA structure for payment pays the affiliates when the referrals or leads take specific actions. Some common actions include registrations, impressions, clicks, form submits, sign-ups, or opt-ins. Since the CPA model doesn’t involve a direct sale, the payout percentages are far smaller than they are in CPA.

Depending upon the sales objectives, the merchant can opt-in for this method. For affiliates who are starting up with affiliate marketing, this can be a good choice. CPA is also referred to as CPL (Cost Per Lead)

Earning Commissions

Once you sign up for an affiliate marketing program, you’ll get a personalized affiliate link. You’ll get access to a member dashboard where you can generate affiliate links, track sign-ups, and choose your payment method.

You put these links in front of the target audience and aim to make potential leads or sales.

With your links, end users get to the standard sign-up page of the products or services and when they make purchases, you get your commissions.

For higher conversion rates you can create Infographics and Videos of the product you select to promote.

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Most affiliate programs will pay you every 30 to 60 days via PayPal or bank transfer. Payment terms can vary for different programs. It depends on how the merchant has set that up.

When you sign up for the programs on trusted networks, you should not worry about payments. You get direct payments from the networks so you are in safe hands. That is why it’s important to choose the right and trusted affiliate networks.

Choosing an Affiliate Network

We have discussed the importance of a trusted and reliable affiliate network. Now, it’s time to pick the best of them available in the marketplace. Top affiliates are using these to earn millions of dollars a month.

I am presenting here the list of my preferred networks. 

You can join these immediately and once you become a part, you can browse through countless affiliate programs. You can pick the ones that suit your niche and promote it.

Over the years, I have used these affiliate networks and found them useful.

My criteria to pick these are simple. I look at these factors.

1- Serves Every Niche

One of the major issues we face as an affiliate is to find an affiliate program that fits our niche. So the network you choose should offer programs related to every popular niche. This makes our work easy in picking up the affiliate programs that suit our requirements. So, this becomes my first criterion to select a good network.

2- Safeguard Frauds

Networks having a bad tracking system is the worst thing you can land up. Imagine all the hard work you put in to make that sale only to end up missing a track.

Good networks have robust tracking systems and the chances of missing track of your sales are the bare minimum. This becomes my third criterion.

3- Minimum Payouts

The minimum payout is the sum you earn from all the affiliate programs you promote. Some networks have a high threshold of payout and this makes it difficult for beginners.

Networks that have low cutoffs become a preferred choice for beginners. It’s easy to reach that limit. This becomes my third criterion to choose the right network.

4- No Country Restrictions

I never prefer networks having country restrictions. I don’t want to miss out on sales because the network caters only to some specific countries and I may have my best audience in a specific country. If the network does not offer services in that country, it’s useless for me. I prefer networks operating globally. This becomes my fourth criterion.

5- Affiliate Programs are Evenly Priced

I prefer the networks that offer affiliate programs which monitory cater to all sections of society. When I choose affiliate programs to promote, I see that they are with a mix of pricing.

Some programs I choose, have high-end pricing, anything over $1000. Some have middle-level pricing, between $500 to $1000, and some have low pricing, below $500.

This gives my visitors options to choose from. They don’t get bombarded only with high-priced products which they can’t afford or only with low-end products which they find of no value to them.

Top Affiliate Networks to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing

Now, you would have understood the criteria for joining a good affiliate network. Let’s look at the best affiliate networks you can join immediately with no further research.

These networks are in a sequence of my personal choice and experience. I have used them for years and these are working best for me. 

Some of them may have limited affiliate programs to promote but you should not discard or underestimate any. You need only one great product to promote and make thousands of dollars in return.

1- ClickBank

ClickBank is the most popular marketplace for both affiliates and merchants. Thousands of marketers list their products as affiliate offers every month on ClickBank. You get a pool of affiliate programs to choose from and will never run out of options. 

If you are starting Affiliate Marketing, I’ll suggest you create an account on ClickBank. This could be the best place to start.

I love this marketplace. In the past 3 years of using it, I had faced none issues with it.

ClickBank offers a vast pool of digital products available to choose from. Whatever your niche is, you should be able to find a related product to promote. As an affiliate, you can take a look through the various categories until you find a product that interests you and your target audience.

ClickBank is a platform that has the potential to make high earnings. The commissions paid are as high as 75%. Some programs can even offer 100% commissions that in turn means that you’ll be able to make a passive income for the longer term.

affiliate networks programs

Create an account with ClickBank

2- ShareASale

ShareASale has a great list of affiliate programs for the various niches. This offers the affiliates a wide range of options to choose from.

The commission rates may not be as high as ClickBank but it is at a decent level of up to 50%. The products offered on this website are also unique. The joining process and the payment terms are easy.

ShareASale has a simple and user-friendly interface. The dealing between the affiliates and the merchants is professional, which makes it trustworthy.

ShareASale has CPA and CPA types of payout structure. You can choose the one you prefer. The payout threshold is low ($50) as compared to other affiliate programs.

There are many training materials available by which Affiliates can learn how to grow and improve their marketing skills.

I am using this network to find affiliate programs and had no issues with them in the past. I’ll recommend you create an account.

It usually takes 2-3 working days to get approval from them. Once you are in the network, start promoting your offers.

affiliate networks programs

Create an account with ShareASale

3- CJ Affiliate

Also known as Commission Junction, this is one of the most reputed and popular networks for bloggers and affiliate marketers. They have been in business since 1998. This is a place where you will find tons of affiliate programs. Like other affiliate networks, CJ connects marketers with brands.

I have a good experience with CJ over the past 3 years and had no issues with them. This is a must join affiliate network for any blogger. They are one of the first few networks you should join and start affiliate marketing.

affiliate networks programs

Create an account with CJ Affiliates

4- PartnerStack

PartnerStack is a relatively new affiliate network and is little known to affiliate marketers. I came to know about this in late 2017 and using it since then. You can find products related to entrepreneurs, software, ebooks, small business solutions, hosting, and a few others. I found many great affiliate programs here.

The most I enjoy about PartnerStack are its simplicity and ease of use. Their user interface is one of the best. It has a modern theme and the fastest that I have experienced so far. If you are a fan of speed and a responsive user interface, you might fall in love with it the first time itself. Their minimum payout is $50 which is impressive.

affiliate networks programs

Create an account with ParterStack

5- Impact

Impact Radius is another fast-growing affiliate network. It has come a long way since it got launched in 2008. They use the fingerprint technique to count the sales which is a big advantage for marketers and also for the brands.

Impact differentiates itself from other networks by being a solution-based (SAAS) resource for both publishers and merchants. They care more about the quality of relationships and believe in higher-quality campaigns than placing random product links on your website.

They give you a direct connection with the merchants to build a better partnership. Due to such advanced features, a lot of brands are moving their affiliate programs to Impact. This is a network I will recommend to you to try.

Affiliate Marketing

Create an account with Impact

6- Rakuten

Rakuten (formerly known as LinkShare) is one of the oldest affiliate networks available. Founded in 1997, this program is expanding into new ideas and ways of working. It has got several awards since it got introduced.

Rakuten is a great network for affiliate marketers to discover profitable opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing

Create an account with Rakuten

7- FlexOffers

FlexOffers is an award-winning affiliate network. It provides complete solutions to both advertisers and publishers. They have a well-designed platform that is easy to navigate.

As an affiliate, you get access to millions of products and services to promote.

Affiliate Marketing

Create an account with FlexOffers

8- Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Program is one the most sort after places to get your affiliate products to promote. We all know about the huge catalog of products Amazon has.

The choice of products is endless. It is one of the best platforms to get physical products you can promote. The interface is simple to use.

The commissions are on the lower side of 10% but considering the brand value, it’s worth investing your efforts with it.

Affiliate Marketing

9- Refersion

Refersion is a powerful affiliate network you can register in minutes. It is an intuitive and analytical but still easy-to-use platform.

I recent times Reversion is getting a lot of popularity among affiliates. They have many high-value brands associated with them.

You can find affiliate programs listed in various categories to choose from. Once you sign up, you can search affiliate programs based on various filters available.

Affiliate Marketing

Create an account with Refersion

10- LeadDyno

LeadDyno is like Refersion. What I like most about LeadDyno is that the dashboard has a one-click option to share your affiliate links on Social Media. They also have a mobile app that works superb and helps you work on the go.

Affiliate Marketing

Create an account with LeadDyno

These are my Top 10 Affiliate networks that any affiliate should join to make money from Affiliate marketing. I have used all of these to great success.

Here are a few more to add to the list but I have not used them.

11- Affiliate Partners

12- PeerFly

13- Wide Markets

14- CrakRevenue

15- Commission Factory

16- eBay Partner Network

17- Avangate

18- Avantlink

19- AdCombo

20- ReviMedia

21- RevenueWire

22- Olavivo

23- MoreNiche

24- AffiBank

25- Awin

26- MaxBounty

27- OneNetworkDirect

28- Webgains

29- Affiliatly

30- PepperJam

This list can get endless.

As the affiliate industry is growing, we can expect a more innovative affiliate network to surface.

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No matter which network you work with, the opportunities are endless.

The only thing that matters, is your passion to work as an affiliate. You should be consistent and apply best practices to be a successful affiliate marketer.

That’s it from me. Now, it’s your turn to try these tips and share your feedback comments.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out, I am glad to answer your queries!